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November 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

For mobile DJs who use LCD or projection screens on their shows, and who are looking for new ways to engage the audience, Visikord is motion-controlled visual effects software for the dance floor. Guests see themselves inside the visuals on the big screen, and as they dance, they blow up colors, fire lasers and shoot lightnings to the beat of the music the DJ is playing. Visikord calls it a “visual effects synthesizer.”mb152_110

For motion control, Visikord software uses the standard $100 Microsoft Kinect videogame camera. The Kinect camera is connected to a laptop or PC where the software runs, and the computer’s video output goes to a TV screen or projector.

Video DJs can customize the graphics using their own pictures and videos, or feed the software a live video in from another source. Visikord output can be captured live with a 3rd party software and recorded to disk or be streamed to another application.

Nearly infinite combinations of graphics effects, which can be customized and controlled by the operator from the keyboard, or the dancers can control all the effects with movement and gestures.

The system also features Virtual DJ integration: If Visikord and Virtual DJ run on the same computer, the DJ can click to decide if the Virtual DJ video or the Visikord video goes to the big screen.

For further deatils and system requirements visit the Visikord website.

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