Innex Inc® Reveals Innovative CES Gaming Lineup

January 5, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Innex Inc® Reveals Innovative CES Gaming Lineup

Innex Inc® Introduces The Newest Additions To Its Cutting-Edge Line Of Tech/Gaming Products At CES 2017

Pomona, California — (January 5, 2017) – This week in Las Vegas, Innex Inc®, an exclusive distributor of Retro-Bit®, will showcase its latest product lineup at CES 2017.  Appointments are now available to experience exclusive demos and check out the entire line in the South Hall 2 booth #26402.

Retro-Bit Mega Table

A unique piece of furniture that doubles as a fully functional four-button USB controller.

Retro-Bit Generations Portable

A portable handheld 100 -in -one gaming device with a slim design and HD display that brings the power of an arcade to the palm of your hands. Ideal for playing your favorite retro games on the go!

Stubbins: Series 1 and 2

Series 2 of an exclusive line of unique and collectable plush figures featuring Sony characters

Super Retro Boy

An innovative 3-in-1 handheld gaming system with a single port that instantly plays all the classic Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games without any special adapters

KMD Headphones (SURGE)

A multi-platform customizable gaming headset that will help you step up to the next level

Retro Bit – 8Bitdo

The first N64 style Bluetooth controller for console, PC/Mac and touch devices


Announcing the new NES30 Classic Edition compatible with the NES classic edition console


ROCCAT’s first truly multiplatform product that works everywhere. As gamers ourselves, ROCCAT® understands that times have changed and gaming has evolved. Gaming has gone multi-platform and become ubiquitous. Gamers want a refined, fluid experience that they can enjoy everywhere rather than awkwardly swapping between expensive peripherals that are limited to a single device. They want one single headset that replaces all of their other ones – one headset for everything, with nothing else needed. That’s why we developed the Cross specifically for YOU, not your device. The Cross is the multi-platform over-ear stereo gaming headset that’s equally at home on your PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One* as it is when you’re on the go with your mobile device. It’s the headset that’s outstanding, everywhere.


The booth will house a large PC gaming area filled with E-Blue gaming products including gaming chairs, peripherals and desks, headsets, accessories and more.

Since 2007, Retro-Bit® has been at the forefront of the retro gaming world, introducing innovative and exciting platforms to re-experience a classic gaming era. Continuing with that tradition, Retro-Bit aims to bring all the great aspects of old school gaming to the modern gamer, specializing in manufacturing third party accessories for all of your favorite Retro gaming consoles. With systems and hardware to support the NES®, SNES®, and Genesis® entertainment system, Retro-Bit serves as a connection to the past. Previous releases include: Retro Bit Generations, The Super Retro® Trio, The Retroduo® Portable, The Retroduo, GenX and the Retro Entertainment System. –

About Innex Inc.

Since 2004, Innex was founded on the principles of innovation, fun and a commitment to customer service.  While initially established as a distributor of videogame peripherals, Innex has grown to include videogame-related toys, gifts, mobile and audio accessories.  With a decade of operation, Innex has become an award-winning leader in global distribution, providing its business partners with various services, which include but are not limited to, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing and design.  Resources in North America and Asia ensure that Innex has a logistical and shipping expertise to deliver its products and services on time and under budget.  –

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