In a Fog About Which Haze Machine To Buy???

March 23, 2017 by Randy Lehrman

Remember way back when (and sometimes now) all we saw were the $39 fogger specials?  Halloween, carnivals, and Bar-Mitzvahs…That was the only effect we had to enhance our lighting.  The giant fog cloud that enveloped our room also made old people cranky, asthmatics cough to death, and photographers mad with boggy photos.  Then the movie studios created haze machines to alleviate the smoke and create something of an atmosphere changer…and now we have these in our business to enhance all of our amazing lighting and create a whole “Club Vibe” wherever we go.

As I use a ton of lighting on my events, I decided to test a few haze machines and then run a finalists test with the two top haze machines that are both $400 and below.  The final battle is between the Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4 and the American DJ Fog Fury Faze.

I originally bought the Fog Fury Fazer (which claims to be a hazer) first, which worked pretty decent but gave me more of a “fog” effect…Unfortunately, after about 3 months the thing went caput.   It would randomly shut off after 30 minutes of use even with a full tank.  American DJ service on the item was less then cooperative even on an under warranty item.  Once I got it back it only lasted another 6 months.  I bought better fog juice and that didn’t seem to help…I would say it’s a good entry level piece if you are looking to stay around $300ish but keep in mind you’ll have to constantly clean out the fog container with water and vinegar every couple months.

I figured by spending $50 more I would try the Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4D.  The first thing I noticed about it was it’s more compact and easier to carry style.  Even before I set it at an event I knew this was a much higher quality product.  This was a standalone OR remote product, while the ADJ Fazer really only worked with the remote.  Once I let this thing get going, it heated up in less than 5 minutes and gave me the best distro of haze I’ve ever seen even with $800 units that I’ve seen in showrooms.  Best part, is even without DMX, this unit’s simple controls of haze out put and fan power dials on the back were easy to use and I loved the LED read out (which the fog faze did not have.)

THe 4D literally got most of my room totally filled in less than 15 minutes.  This thing rocked my socks off.  Then I basically would just give it 5 -7 minutes at the beginning of each dance set and it kept the room hazy and made my lights look awesome.  I always use Chauvet LEDs,  ADJ Intelligents, and some cool mapped effects from Blizzard to spice it up…

Oh, and here’s the best part.  Since I started using my Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4D, my bigger lighting packages have been selling 300% more.   Guys, use HAZE at your events.  Take pictures!  Make more money; that part is crystal clear.


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