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October 6, 2016 by MarkWilder

improveyourmarketingIs your campaign missing the mark in marketing? Does your marketing campaign get results? Here are five fundamentals that may be missing from your campaign and how to address them.

Value > Price. Everyone wants value, but how exactly does your product or service deliver it? Don’t mistake value for a lower price. Just lowering a price, when the value is missing, may not solve the issue. Find a way to describe the value your offering delivers. For example, if your service can save a person time, that has real value to the customer.

Benefits > Specs. Overselling on specifications without explaining why it matters to the consumer happens every day. There will always be customers who must have the fastest, latest widget, but your funnel runs out of them quickly. Focus on the benefits of your product… Why will my widget make your life better?

Emotion > Reason. We like to think we are above letting emotion drive purchase decisions. But, if practicality alone drove our automobile purchase decisions, there’d be no Ferraris or Porsches. Emotion drives our decision making when it comes to our purchase decisions in all sorts of ways, from a healthy food choice, to a computer, smartphone, car or home. The best marketing appeals to our emotion and our intellect.

Teach > Learn. Overcoming an obstacle like customer insecurity will not only help you convert now, but can actually build your brand for the long-term. That’s why some of the most successful businesses have built world-class customer service operations. Take the time to teach a customer how to do something with your product, or remove an obstacle or objection with service and you’ve made a sound investment in your business.

You > Me. We generally avoid that person who only speaks about themselves at parties, right? Stay vigilant about how and how often you present your company’s story. For example, if most of your website is devoted to your reasons for being and not how you can help someone, you may be signaling that your customers come second. It’s a fine line. Social posts need to be about your latest innovation or fabulous event, but in moderation.

The best marketing today finds a way to keep the customer engaged throughout. Make these ideas your focus, and see how your business changes. Make sure your customer knows that you want to know how they like your product or service, and what you can do to improve it for them.

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