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December 16, 2017 by Terry Lewis

Lifestyle – Zone 3:

Family, Friends, Pleasure, and Fun

Lifestyle – Zone 3 activities are pleasurable pastimes that make you feel amazing temporarily but produce nothing towards your goal of attracting and booking higher paying brides. As the saying goes: you can pay now and play later, or play now and pay later but either way, one day, you will pay.

Lifestyle – Zone 3 activities embrace all the fun things in life including: holidays, theatre trips, parties,

bar-b-cues, socialising with friends and family, love, sex, retail therapy, long weekends, spa sessions, lunches, gym, Facebook, (the non business side), TV entertainment shows, concerts, live games, dinners, dancing and all other pastimes that fill you with the feel-good factor.

There have been moments in my career when I have overindulged in Lifestyle – Zone 3 activities for the most part of an entire day. As a self-employed entrepreneur, I am answerable only to myself, family and friends and the demands of my monthly outgoings, so in theory, I can do what I like when I like. And so can you. This is one of the benefits of us both not working a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). But it requires a great deal of self-discipline not to overextend time in Lifestyle – Zone 3, especially when you still need to grow your wedding business and produce income for yourself and for those you love and care for. Remember there will always be a price to pay for overindulging in Lifestyle – Zone 3 activities, for me it often meant working way into the small hours of the night to catch up.

There was also a period in my life to my most profound regret when I slaved at my desk for up to 16 hours a day to make ends meet. My kids who were much younger at the time would bound excitedly into the office I eventually set-up at home wanting to play after school, but I would send them out choosing instead to overwork. I failed to make time. Instead, I needed to make money, my family’s financial survival depended upon it. But here’s the thing, if I could go back in time I would spend much of it sharing Lifestyle – Zone 3 moments with my children, I would attend more school plays instead of the token few during their early years. I would take time out each evening to play with them. I would read more bedtime stories to them and teach them more things as their father. If not me, who? I was wrong to see them as a noisy distraction to my goals. One of my most painful moments was having to miss my daughter Ella’s 16 birthday party due to work. The brown envelopes were piling up on my desk, many still unopened when a last minute offer for a job came in. Although it was low paying, in my desperation I took it because I knew it would ease my family’s financial struggle; but in so doing I missed one of the most precious celebrations in my daughter’s life. Precious moments I could never get back… I now hold the unshakeable belief that my partner Julie, our children, my mother and closest friends and family are the most important and precious people in the world to me but success without them in my life would mean very little. If you can relate to a thread of my personal story, and it serves to help you avoid repeating the errors of my ways, then sharing and disclosing with you will have been worth it.

Today I work very hard and very smart, and I play that way too. I believe both you and I should purposefully and very deliberately plan Lifestyle – Zone 3 activities to spend time with the people that mean the most to us and to celebrate the lives God has blessed us with.

Lifestyle – Zone 3 activities are there to refresh, replenish and enrich; by creating moments of joy for self and others. If there is one thing you takeaway from these lines it’s to avoid the trap of spending your entire life working in Thrive – Zone 1 and Labour – Zone 2 exclusively. I know of no one who on their deathbed wished they spent more time at work, in fact in the moments you think your life will end your final thoughts will be of those closest to you. I know this to be true because it happened to me but that’s another story…

It’s true Lifestyle – Zone 3 activities will not add a penny to your bank account, but they will build up massive reserves in your emotional bank account. Remember to always make time for close friends and family, in the end, they will be all you have.

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