Important work you should NOT spend too much time doing (1 of 2)

December 9, 2017 by Terry Lewis

Last month we looked at the most important three departments every wedding business must focus on to make success inevitable.




I call this Zone 1 – Thrive. (Z1)

This month we are going to dive deeper and identify the other two zones that consume your time.

How long you end up in each zone will contribute to how far and fast you can become a thriving wedding professional.

Let’s jump into Labour – Zone 2:

Office work, delivering your signature wedding experience and Learning

View Zone 2 as ‘The Glue’ to your wedding business, the activities responsible for the smooth running of your niche. Labour – Zone 2 activities are time-consuming, essential but generate no direct income.

The activities under the Labour – Zone 2 umbrella include:

Submitting accounts

Order fulfilment on the day of the wedding


Deliveries and collections


Office cleaning


In fact the Labour – Zone 2 remit is so enormous it covers everything to do with the running of your wedding business, outside of Thrive – Zone 1.

The thing is last month we identified to thrive we need to spend most of our time in Z1, so how can we minimise time in Labour – Zone 2, so you can immerse yourself in Thrive – Zone 1?

Whenever possible, relegate Zone 2 (and Zone 3) activities outside of your ‘Money Hours’. Especially if you are the only employee in your business. The Money Hours are those prime times of the day when your avatar is most likely to buy. For


it would be insane for a venue to sand the floors on a Saturday evening in July, you get the picture.

Delegate everything you find yourself repeating. Because these are the trainable activities which could be performed by someone else, you have much more important work to immerse yourself in by growing your company and this is done by immersing yourself in Thrive – Zone 1. If you have staff in your business, learn to let go and delegate as many Labour – Zone 2 activities as you can. You might be in the same position that I am in, i.e. the only person in your company with no-one to delegate to. In this


outsource tasks on a case by case basis whenever the opportunity arises. My


Julie is incredibly supportive of my wedding businesses


has accurate accounting skills and takes care of my books for me. Is there someone supportive who you can lean on to manage parts of your business? Outside of friends and


I have outsourced work to resources like Fiverr and People Per Hour, sourced skilled people on LinkedIn. You do not have to hire a

full time

team, I never have. Fill your skills gap as and when you need to, let Google become your HR department, or ask for advice from peers who faced and overcame similar short-term staffing challenges.

STOP DOING IT MANUALLY. I am astonished at the number of wedding professionals who still respond to enquiries by manually amending a self-made email template. If this speaks to you take note and take action. There is a faster, more accurate way of dealing with avatar enquiries. With just a few keystrokes by you or a staff member, a system can take over and handle all your initial enquiries and all follow-ups virtually AUTOMATICALLY eating up this time hungry Labour – Zone 2 activity with ease. It’s called a Client Relationship Management system, also known as a CRM.

Today CRM’s can be set-up with starting prices around the £10pm mark. Can you imagine paying a member of staff a tenner a month to work for you 24/7, 365? Someone who never calls in sick or forgets to send out important emails? Someone who always sends your marketing and sales messages out right on time, handling umpteen response permutations simultaneously


how far down your sales funnel your avatar has travelled? I cannot tell you how many thousands of emails my CRM has sent out


me in fact without it, I would not have a wedding business, I’d have an administrating business.

If you do not have a CRM and you plan to grow your wedding business get one. You need one. Take action and do it now, even if you are small at the moment – because it will set you up for good habits when you expand. A good CRM will be able to handle all your customer relationships far better than your manual

time consuming

system ever could. From contact information to venue location, to booking agreements, invoicing, thank-you notes, and so much more. It will breeze through virtually everything repetitively administrative relating to the servicing of your clients from beginning to end, all in one place and accessible using secure login credentials from any computer in the world with an internet connection.

Since getting my own CRM I feel like I have an efficient, administration manager taking care of virtually all my repetitive email follow-ups, freeing my time for Thrive – Zone 1 activities for a minute fraction of the cost of employing someone.

The CRM I use is called DJ Event Planner and it is available as a download online. By way of full disclosure: it is a bit technical and I have hit roadblocks setting it up, but once up and running this CRM was a game changer for me. If you prefer to source your own CRM there is a massive pool to choose from, do your due diligence but know this; you must have one in your toolbox to reduce your Labour – Zone 2 workload which at times can feel like pushing treacle uphill.

Next week, we’ll look at the final Zone 3.

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