Image is Everything

August 7, 2017 by Joe Bunn

Does anyone remember those Canon ads from the 90s that featured tennis star Andre Agassi slamming tennis balls shirtless? And then at the end, he lifted his shades, shook his mullet and said “Image IS Everything”? Remember those? Youtube it if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m old.I feel like he was right. Image IS everything. In fact, isn’t image basically branding? Your logo, your look, your style, your consultations, your DJ show? It’s all of that!

If you have watched any of my marketing videos or read any of my articles, you know that I’m a branding fanatic. The main thing that you’ll hear my preach is consistency. Your image or your brand must remain consistent. For example, I guess I would say my image is “cool”. I’m 45 and still wear Jordans and two chains outside of my shirt. I don’t know if I’m cool or not, but I don’t care, this is my image, just like Agassi’s mullet and loud tennis clothing. I also carry that coolness throughout the company-from the office décor to new van (the Bunn Benz) to even the DJ booth ( I use at my events. It’s all about consistency. It also applies to marketing. We try to have a “cool” website, wedding show booth, ads, stationery, etc.

To give a different example of image, take someone like my top DJ, Randy Bennett. Is he young? Nope, he’s 50 something. Do 25 year old brides care? Nope. Why? Because he is awesome and has hundreds of reviews online. But his image is totally different than mine. His thing is cufflinks, I don’t even own a shirt with French cuffs on it. His other thing is professionalism and over the top customer service. Do every one of my couples get a CD of the entire night’s mixes and speeches at the end of the event? No, they don’t. But his do. Maybe I should start? Anyway, my point is that even though his image is different, he is still the most booked mobile DJ in NC doing over 80 weddings a year. That’s double what I do…and I’m the owner!

So find your “thing”, own it, rock it and make it consistent with all that you do. Remember what Agassi said “Image is Everything”!

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