IK Multimedia iRig Studio Review

August 11, 2015 by Mobile Beat

irigstudiomicIf you have taken your DJ business to the next level and are doing more than just pressing play every 4 minutes at weddings or school dances chances are you have a use for the iRig Mic Studio or any of it’s cousins of products.  The iRig Mic Studio is a well built microphone made to sit on your desk with it’s included stand and hooks up to your Mac, your Windows PC, your Apple iPhone/other iDevice, your Android tablet or phone, basically anything that you need a USB microphone to hook up to record.    This mic is built to look like a studio microphone that you would expect to see in a radio or professional recording studio but is a little smaller and absolutely less expensive.  Coming in at $179.99 it’s a fraction of such microphones but performs exceedingly well.irigscreen

In my testing I hooked it up to Garage Band (which found it very easily and installed itself as the default input device) and to a voice recorder app I use regularly on my iPhone.  On both of them it picked right up.  A simple feature that it has built in on the front of the mic is an input level LED indicator that tells you if you are speaking at approximately the right range of volume.  Blue and you are too low, green and orange you are right on, and red you are speaking too loudly.  When getting into my fake DJ voice and sounding like I’m “On The Radio cool guy” it told me to turn it down and when speaking normal but strong, it was rating me right in the Green ballpark.  The Mic has a Gain control right near the LED input indicator for such adjustments.

The iRig Studio comes with it’s sturdy well built stand, a nice bag for cables, and the cables for getting the mic from microusb in the base on the mic to full USB and lighting for iPhone/Ipad and straight through for PC’s and Macs to microusb for using with Android devices.

The mic’s quality, price and features is right on target for what is needed and is the perfect addition to any mobile DJ’s studio for when pre-recording and mixing material for their clients.  Available through most online retailers of electronics such as Amazon, B&H Photo Video, Sweetwater and through some DJ specialty outlets.  Check out http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigmicstudio/ for more information!

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