If You Aren’t Doing This, You Are Losing Business

September 8, 2016 by Robert Lindquist

Think back to the first time you ever shopped for anything online, what had the greatest influence on your busying decision? Most likely, it wasn’t the price, or what the manufacturer shad to say about the product—it was the customer reviews. The Internet has turned us all into cynical shoppers. We no longer value advertising messages, or how cool looking a website is—we want to know what others have to say.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in analyzing websites for DJ service owners is that they assume their potential clients are smarter (when it comes to booking a DJ) than they really are. The fact is, they really know very little—and everything they do know is based on previous experience and heresay. Most of the time, they have never hired a DJ before. So, if they were at a friends wedding, and the DJ was less than professional, they will be that much more cautious when vetting DJs for their own event.

Then there are those websites, like Wedding Wire, where newlyweds can post pros and cons regarding the DJ they hired. Although people are more apt to complain than compliment, any DJ service that is remotely competent should have no problem getting far more positives than negatives on this type of site. Typically, the complaints relate to DJs showing up late, looking ratty, gear failures, refusing to follow preset program and not being responsive to the bride.

So, while there are a lot of online sources where potential clients can get opinions from past customers, you really want them coming to your site. Once you have them there, the booking is yours to lose.

Testimonials turn shoppers into clients

It’s estimated that positive testimonials from past clients can boost your website conversion rate up to 40%. That’s huge-especially for a service industry such as operating a mobile entertainment service. Yet few DJs really make good use of testimonials.

Why is that? Doing testimonials the right way is a bit time consuming—and with weddings, the bride and groom are usually on their honeymoon after the event. By the time they return, their event has become buried under all things you have to do for your up coming bookings. You need to fix that.

Start making a concerted effort to contact every client you work for asap after the event—with weddings, it may be a week or two, but with other jobs you can do so the next day. Put it on your calendar, assign it a loud bell, do whatever you need to so you don’t miss following up with a single past client.

lisa_testimonialThe easiest way is via Email or facebook messenger. Send a very short survey—no more than 5 questions. Keep it simple. “Was the DJ on time, professional, and responsive to your needs and requests? Would you recommend them? On a scale of 1 to 10, How would you rate your DJ?”

And then, allow a space for them write in a testimonial. For the lead in, put something like: “We can’t thank you enough for selecting our DJ service for your recent _____. Nothing is more important to us than knowing we met, or exceeded your expectations. If you were happy with the service we provided, a brief testimonial for our website would be greatly appreciated.”

Then, when you receive a glowing response, don’t just cut and paste it on your site. Take time to edit it down to no more than 25 words. Highlight the power words, the adjectives, anything that will really catch the attention of someone shopping for a DJ. Remember, you don’t know who visits your site, so you don’t know how much potential business you are losing. If you are not properly using testimonials, you are losing more business than you realize.

Using WordPress?

If so, I can’t end without recommending a cool new plug-in from one of my favorite theme sources, Thrive Themes. It’s called Ovation and it’s an all-in-one testimonial plug-in for WordPress. It not only helps you gather testimonials, but helps you leverage the power of social testimonials and even collect testimonials on “auto-Pilot. The best feature, IMHO, is how it displays the testimonials on your site. Check it out. It’s available for just $39. It’s an excellent way to manage your testimonials, and that’s something that will give you a valuable edge over all the other DJs in your market fighting for a bigger piece of the pie – Bob


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