iDJ Pro Ate My iPad By Brad Dunsbergen

December 6, 2012 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer


I love my iPad. It goes with me wherever I go. I use it for just about everything under the sun, so when we received the Numark iDJ Pro for testing purposes at the Mobile Beat offices I was just a little more than stoked. After all I have already been using Algoriddim’s DJay app (19.99 iTunes App Store, not included) for the last year as a backup to my main rig. Now I can finally have a hands on controller and bring my iPad front and center as my main rig.

One of the first things you will notice about the iDJ Pro is the build quality and similarities to Numark’s own computer controllers, the NS6 and Mix Deck Quad. The top of the unit is very sexy with it brushed black matte aluminum. The capacitive touch sensitive platters are also very similar to Numarks other units and respond just as good. The buttons, knobs and faders have a hard rubber feel and work smoothly. A big difference from Numark’s computer controllers are the large knobs instead of faders for each of the deck’s volume controls. It took a little time to get used to using the knobs, but now I really like them for the precision that they give. This had to be done to allow enough room for the iPad to sit front and center. On the rear you will find balanced XLR and RCA outputs. The front has connection for a . in TRS microphone with gain and tone control, both . and 1/8 inch headphone jacks with cue and master mix adjustment and volume control, and RCA auxiliary inputs with gain control. The dock for the iPad is made of a velvet type material and has Velcro risers that lets the iPad fit snuggly inside and prevents the backside and bezel of the iPad from being scratched. The iPad slides into the dock home button side towards the top. The iPad connects to the iDJ pro via the old 30 pin type of connector. For those with the new iPad, this may present a problem because the hatch for the dock will not close when using an adapter. Weighing in at a featherweight 5.6 pounds, the combination of the iPad and iDJ Pro is definitely a back saver. I would recommend the optional Numark Controller Backpack or a flight case for protection of the unit while in transit.

Once the iDJ pro is plugged in with the supplied power supply and the DJay app is fired up, I was greeted with a different welcome screen than I was used to, the new welcome screen that has the Numark logo on it and then a customized user interface specifically for the iDJ Pro. Getting started using the iDJ pro and DJay app is very simple. Start by pressing the load button on either deck will bring up the itunes playlists. Then use the browse knob to find playlist you want and then the track to play. Now load the track to the deck using the appropriate load button for the deck. All functions for loading a track from within the DJay app can still be made using the touch screen on the iPad.

Cue points can be set by using the jog wheels to find a specific point in the song and is as simple as pressing the cue button or pressing one of the three hot cue buttons. Matching the tempo on the opposite deck is as easy as using the pitch fader or simply pressing the sync button. For those times when the beats aren’t quite matched up they can easily aligned by nudging the side of the platter or by using the pitch bend buttons. Above the platters on each deck is the looping section, this contains a auto loop, loop x1/2, loop x2, loop in, loop out and reloop button. Above the looping section are the EQ knobs. These are the normal High, Mid , Low. The FX section has filter knob FX parameter knob and FX on/off button. Also all FX functions can still be controlled on the touch screen of the iPad. Sound output from the iDJ pro is crisp and clear with specs of <+/- 2db, 20Hz-20KHz and a signal to noise ratio of 105dB.

Over all I was more than impressed with the quality, feel and sound output from the iDJ Pro. It is just too bad I have to send it back, but at a suggested price of $499 this just may find a way into my main system permanently sooner than later.

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