I Need Some Help!

October 7, 2016 by Joe Bunn

I was asked to write a blog about “When to Hire an Assistant”, but the fact of the matter is unless you’re a touring DJ or some type of big baller CEO, do you really need an “assistant”? I think of that term as someone that does all the BS that you don’t want to do like picking up dry cleaning, going to the bank, or doing other menial tasks. You know what I think of? I think of Lloyd from the show “Entourage”. You don’t need an assistant, but yes, you might need some help from time to time with your growing DJ business.

If you know me at all or have seen me speak (most recently at MBLV 2016), then you know I run my company by myself. I have 15lloyd-mashup-117187-12-mezz-512 DJs on staff that are part-timers, but I’m the only full-timer on staff. I’ve put systems in place to allow me to efficiently and effectively run the company and still be able to go to the gym and be home for dinner every night, not to mention take vacations withe my wife and family, and attend DJ conventions all over the U.S. However, there are times when even I need help. I’m writing this as I fly back from Wedding MBA in Las Vegas. My top DJ, Randy, has been in the office Monday through today handling all of the day to day stuff-emails, calls, sending contracts and taking in money (hopefully). I have texted him twice and called him zero times. He’s got it locked down! When I go on vacation, especially out of the country, we might not speak at all, but I know that the business is still jamming. I don’t need him all the time, just when I’m not there. He gets an hourly fee and of course can take dibs on anything that comes in during that time. If you don’t have that guy, reach out to your local colleges and get yourself an intern. I finally did so recently and she rocks. I’m not going to lie to you, it wasn’t easy and most of them came in wanting to get paid, but if you find the right person, with that drive, that just wants a resume builder, that’s solid gold! Once you get them, don’t overuse them, remember, they are working for free. Pick a couple of days a week for them to come in and have a list of tasks for them to accomplish (especially the ones that you can never get around to). Getting some help is awesome and will help you grow, but just don’t break the bank and go off hiring a full-timer, at least not yet…you’ll thank me later.

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