Hypno Beam and Hypno Spot from Blizzard to be demo’d tomorrow!

August 29, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Waukesha, WI.As I count backwards from three, you will begin to release all of your tension. Three. Let the illumination of the rings draw you closer. Two. The rings as beautiful as they are mesmerizing. One. You are transcending into a state of euphoria. Feel the rapture from your head to your toes. *SNAP!*

Welcome to an Altered State of Light, brought to you by the spellbinding effects of Blizzard’s new Hypno™ Beam and Spot moving heads with hypnotic LED rings. For optimal therapeutic results, Hypno™ fixtures are best used in club, wedding, and concert settings, or anywhere else a brainwashing-of-the-masses effect is desired.

Hypno™ Beam comes fitted with a high-output 60W RGBW LED in the center for stunning 8° moving beam effects. Plus, the center LED is surrounded by dual hypnotic LED rings featuring mesmerizing chase effects, single LED chases, full color changes, and strobe. Hypno™ Beam also offers two user-selectable DMX modes (14/23-channels).

Hypno™ Spot comes loaded with a high-output 30W white LED in the center paired with 9 dichroic colors +open, and 9 gobos +open. Similar to Hypno™ Beam, the center LED is surrounded by three SMD LED rings with dozens of built-in patterns, chases and effects. Spot offers two user-selectable DMX modes (12/23-channels).

As fraternal twins, Hypno™ Beam and Hypno™ Spot share lots of DNA. Both come with 540/630° pan + 200° tilt, built-in auto/sound active programs, 3-pin DMX In/Out connections, industry standard powerCON® compatible In/Out connections, and a quarter-turn “Omega” quick connect type clamp bracket. The Beam and Spot are both backed by Blizzard’s 2-year warranty.

“The Hypno™ series are serious, effective therapy for many common DJ maladies, including delusions of grandeur, excessive consumption of ‘Dep’ hair gel, and general dancefloor malaise,” opined Dr. Willhem Komassa, LD. “When administered by a trained professional, subjects reported significant improvement in mood, energy and social encounters. Oh also – did I mention that they are FREAKIN AWESOME?”

MAP price of Hypno™ Beam: $499.99

MAP price of Hypno™ Spot: $499.99

Blizzard Lighting will stream a live product presentation with a full demo of the Hypno™ Beam and Spot on Wednesday, August 30 at 11:00AM CST on the company’s Facebook page. To tune in, visit www.facebook.com/blizzardlighting at that time.

Blizzard Lighting, LLC, headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is a leader in LED pro and entertainment lighting. You can find Blizzard’s products working hard in venues around the world. To learn more, visit us at  www.blizzardlighting.com

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