How to Stop Negative ‘Stinking” Thinking, Instantly! (with some help from Zig Ziglar)

July 7, 2016 by Anthony Conklin

Let’s face it our brains are not here to make us feel “happy” or “positive”. The brain has one function — to keep you alive and avoid danger.

According to a the Financial Post (can be found here ) we produce up to 50,000 thoughts a day and 70% to 80% of those are negative. This translates into 40,000 ugly thoughts a day that needs managing and filtering . So, let’s talk about it! Negative thinking. It’s about time we stop negative thinking and “Evict The Bully In Your Head “ (from the forthcoming book by @Vicki_Fitch)

The first step to preventing or stopping adverse thinking is to STOP responding to it. Here’s the thing, if you don’t, all you’re doing is giving energy to something, a battle, you just can’t win. You never win using gloomy and unfavorable thinking — in other words, you won’t produce anything of value using this way. The thing is this: Positive thoughts produce positive results ! So whats the next step? Ask yourself — does this thought serve me? If not, what do you do? Turn the situation around and start to think the opposite and find positive things hidden in your unfavorable thought.

When you start thinking positive thoughts all of a sudden the opposite immediately begins to diminish by 1/2 — that’s right 50% disappears. WHY — because you starve the thought from what it needs most — your attention which is Energy!

Try this quick exercise — think about what you can do to make things better. Think about how you could better your life, better in your relationships, your business, and in your spiritual life — when you do this you start to attract and create positive things/thoughts/good stuff into your experience. And, before you know it the bad thought disappears!

Here’s a quick story from my personal experience. I had a friend tell me he was having problems with a former co-worker. He talked about how much the co-worker bashed him, disrespected him, demeaned him and how he said all these horrible things about him. So I said, “STOP the runaway negative thinking train and don’t give it any attention or time running around rent free in your head . Stop giving the thought and the person any energy”. I went on to tell him, don’t fight a battle you can’t win — you’ll end up bringing more negative experiences into your thinking and your life. Just stop paying attention to it. Distract yourself with more positive thoughts. Be grateful.

I summed it up saying you don’t know what battle that person is facing and it’s not your job to find out.

The late, great Zig Ziglar says, “Positive thinking won’t let you do anything other than to bring more positive thinking into your mind. Into your experience, into your life, into your business, into your relationships, into everything that you do. Zig goes on to say, stop “stinking thinking”.

So, when you’re facing a negative person, situation or thinking, think of Zig and say “stop stinking thinking”. Did you laugh? I sure did. You see, there you go — a positive thought just popped into your head! Remember, you have greatness within you. Live Life to the MAX and we’ll see you next time.

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