How to Secure Annual Corporate Events

June 19, 2015 by DigiGames

corporate_trivia_night_11Business and employers are always on the lookout for adding excitement to their annual corporate events. These annual events are all about having a good year-end party or Christmas party.   A good annual party not only helps the employees feel appreciated for a year of hard work, but also raises staff morale and improves the productivity of the business. No one wants to sit through hours and hours of speeches, figures charts and dull PowerPoint presentations during a year end party. This is where you as an entertainer have a responsibility to make the event fun, interactive and memorable.

This is also where trivia comes in. Working in the corporate sector and hosting annual events, or at least being a part of the events, is an ideal way for you to make a good (in some cases very good) living from Trivia. Ask any trivia host and they would tell you that if they could secure an annual corporate event every Friday and Saturday during the months of December, January and early February it would result in a very profitable business indeed. The problem therefore is that as a trivia host you have competition for these events so today’s subject on the blog is going to look at how to secure annual corporate events and how to ensure that out of all the trivia hosts available, you are the one that gets hired.

Before you even begin to consider this line of work there is some preparation need. Preparation is the key to ensuring that you are ready to approach even the biggest of companies and be able to confidently sell yourself. You need to make sure your major marketing resources are updated and up to scratch.

  • Invest in a good website (if a corporation takes a look at a shabby website you made 10 years ago it is not going to be impressed) and make sure that website mentions your corporate trivia events.
  • Get the materials and samples to hand and make sure you have a rough idea of how you would go about running an event and what you hand in mind.
  • Be prepared:  You will likely be asked during the initial approach what is going to be involved, what trivia games are you going to play and how you will get players involved, etc.
  • Start early.  Companies start planning for their year-end parties typically in September or October.  So, if you put it off because you are busy with weddings and school dances, then you will be too late to approach businesses in November to offer your service.  By November the company will have already secured entertainment for the event.

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