How to run a successful contest for serious trivia players?

February 2, 2016 by Mobile Beat

T“Making sure, that when and if you are called upon, you can produced a challenging and engaging quiz for serious trivia players”

Welcome to the start of another week and I hope you had both a fun and enjoyable weekend. Last week’s posts seem to go down very well and we are hoping to get at least another 5 posts of tips, hints and ideas uploaded this week so keep your eyes peeled to the blog.


We have much in store this week including looking at the ways in which a blog itself (ironic) can help you promote your service, the pitfalls of bar trivia, how to incorporate the use of mobile phones and we will do a full scale recap of the past 20 or so entries so you have all your ideas in one handy place.


To start the week off we are going to look at an area that maybe you have not death with yet but should think about, and that is the trivia for serious players. Believe me when I say, as I am one of them, there are hundreds of thousands of trivia players all over the world who devote every waking minute to learning facts and competing at the highest level. There is quizzing World Championship, people travel all over the world to quiz and dedicated online groups exist.


Here is a basic guide, from first hand experience, of how to fund a contest for serious trivia players..

How to run a successful contest for serious trivia players? – The questions are the most important element

In some posts relating to bar trivia I have mentioned time and time again how important the format is and making sure you stand out etc etc, but when it comes to a serious trivia event then the questions themselves take the key stage. For a serious trivia challenge you need to be spending weeks if not months on getting the set just right. These players will have heard most of your questions before so you need to think outside of the box, but together tough questions that even if the players don’t know the answer too they can use there knowledge to work out and avoid things that are too obscure.

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