How To Respond When Brides Ask The PRICE Question Too Soon (Part 1 of 2)

September 11, 2017 by Terry Lewis

So why do brides ask for price too early?

There are a lot frustrations going on inside a brides head when planning a wedding for the very 1st time.

A bride has to source and then make enquiries to around 20 separate suppliers to create her idea of the perfect wedding and she is doing it all, more often than not, with very little professional wedding planning experience.

And when you factor in the average bride will reach out to a minimum of 3 suppliers in each category, that’s at least 60 initial enquiries (generating at least 60 responses) to simply get her wedding in motion – it’s no wonder brides suffer from overwhelm. And this is why quite often a bride will use price to pre-select suppliers to cut down her workload and stress in the early stages.

But this approach can be flawed.

Seek first to understand, before being understood

Her budget for your services at best is often a made up figure gathered from her life experience so far, combined with the advice she has received from friends, family and on and offline intel. The source and quality of her preliminary research will therefore determine the budget she has in mind. In other words if she’s been collectively told and believes the average price for your service to be £X, your bride will not want to move too far either side of that number…. unless she is given a valuable and believable reason for doing so.

With this in mind, let’s assume your wedding experience is at the premium end of the pay scale reflecting the increased value and quality you promise and can deliver. Let’s also assume your fee is considerably  higher than most of the others in your industry.

If the average cost of your wedding experience is £X, and for valid reasons you charge £Y, by giving your price BEFORE you’ve had the opportunity to articulate the value in your fee, you will simply come across as overpriced and more often than not, your early price revelation will eliminate you from the selection process prematurely. Has this ever happened to you?

Now let us assume you are able to get in front of your bride to eloquently convey the superior value within your wedding experience. Lets also assume that for example your business hires wedding cars and your Rolls Royce Phantom has many sought-after benefits above the other grades of cars your bride was looking at, and that you were able to demonstrate that your vehicle perfectly met all her dreams, desire and aspirations for luxury travel on her wedding day; benefits that could not be meet in any other cheaper vehicle. In so doing, you’ll create a much better opportunity for getting the booking, at the higher price, simply because you’d have explained the added value and benefits which if resonated emotionally with your bride, you will push price off the number one spot of buying criteria.


In next weeks blog, I’ll share a powerful template on ‘how  to deflect the price question and simultaneously get the meeting without frustrating the bride.

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