How to (Properly) Wrap Cables by Allan Reiss

November 12, 2010 by CHAUVET DJ

How to (Properly) Wrap Cables

By: Allan Reiss, product manager for Chauvet

When new cables are purchased, they are sometimes folded (yes, folded) end to end, which makes properly wrapping them a challenge. Not only is this unproductive, but re-training cables can be frustrating.

Earning a degree in recording engineering will undoubtedly drill this concept into your head, but you can take a free crash course here at Mobile Beat DJ University and spend that unused cash on new lights for your rig. This cable practice is not only great for the mobile disc jockey, but it’s also very useful for home theater installations, bands, mobile musicians or a garden hose.

Here are seven steps for a right-handed person using the over-under technique:

1)Make sure the cable is tangle and knot-free by laying the entire cable out on the floor.

2)Hold one end of the cable in your left hand, with the connector facing to your left, and use your right hand to make a 12-inch loop. (See pic 1) This is the “over” part.

3)Let go of the cable with your right hand and you should now have one complete loop in your left hand.

4)Grab the cable with your right hand about two feet away from your left hand.

5)Move your right hand closer to your left hand. (See pic 2) While moving your hand, rotate your right hand clockwise and make the second loop. (See pic 3) Your left hand should now be holding two loops. This is the “under” part.

6)Grab the cable with your right hand again and make a 12-inch loop into your left hand, but this time don’t rotate your right hand clockwise. Your left hand should now be holding three complete loops. This is the “over” part.

7)Repeat steps five and six until the cable is off the floor.

When your cables are properly wrapped and handled with care, they will last a few years longer. This will save you from having to buy more cables. Another benefit to good cable management is the amount of time you’ll save while setting up your gigs. When the cables unwrap quickly and easily, they can be taped down with little manipulation and enable you to move on to the next task.

There are different ways to wrap lengthy cables so don’t think this is the “end-all-be-all” of cable management. You might be taught a different method that works better for you so feel free to experiment for a while. Whichever method you choose, your cables will love you forever.


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