How to Navigate Politically Charged And Controversial Weddings

January 11, 2018 by Stephanie and Jeff Padovani

Controversial Weddings

Recently, 80 zillion men and women who just OMG love the royals got something new to squee about: the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle.

I expect Twitter and Instagram to explode during the actual ceremony.

I mean that literally. Your computer, if you have the misfortune to be logged on to Twitter or Insta at the time, will blow up in fire and I hope you don’t get injured.

But already, this engagement has caused a spot of controversy, when it was reported that Donald Trump was not invited to the wedding because he’s a “serious threat to human rights,” per Harry.

According to Politifact, Harry did not actually say that. But certainly, these are those most polarizing times in decades.

Certainly, Trump is a divisive figure.

Certainly, there can be controversies that are personal rather than political in nature that can affect weddings.

Certainly, you should know how to work your way around delicate matters and strong disagreements and scandals that can serve as a lamentable backdrop to many weddings.

Here are some keys to keep in mind:

1. Be As Neutral As Switzerland

Once you have taken a job, the best idea is to simply not weigh in on the row between, for example, the arch-conservative father-in-law and his new hippie son-in-law.

Taking a strong stance in these matters will alienate the other side from booking you when the time comes.

On the other hand, staying above the fray alienates no one.

The only exception is you may want to offer quiet support or solidarity, if you feel it, with your clients. They’re paying you.

2. Don’t Try To Go Viral

This is related to the first point.

If you’re a DJ who takes a job at, to use a ridiculous example, a Ku Klux Klan wedding, it might be tempting to strike a blow for justice and yell out “Meet your new awful racist bride and groom and F*** THE KKK I’M OUT!”

You can imagine becoming a viral hero, and watching the bookings line up.

The problem is, for every awesome righteous video that does go viral, there are 1,000 that fail to, for one reason or another.

Instead, those people stand to LOSE business and alienate entire families, neighborhoods, and towns, and end up having to give up their wedding DJ dreams and take a job at Dairy Queen.

Oh, and also, you might get beaten up if you try to do this.

3. Don’t Betray Your Beliefs Or Identity

Perhaps the most important factor of the above two points is that they apply to jobs you’ve already accepted and are actively working.

I am absolutely NOT here to tell you to either take every opportunity that comes your way, OR that you have to stay quiet off the job on matters that are important to you.

By all means, turn down that KKK wedding. Turn down ANY job you don’t feel comfortable doing for ANY reason.

It’s probably optimal for your business if you remain apolitical in all facets of your public life, and that’s especially true when you’re representing your business.

But if you don’t wish to be apolitical on your own time, even if people can tie you back to your business, then don’t.

We’re all gonna die someday, and when we do, we’ll be happier if we stayed true to ourselves, even if that cost us some money here and there.

You be you, first and foremost, always.

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What are your best tips for navigating controversial situations?

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