How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event

January 22, 2016 by DigiGames

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Welcome back to the blog. After yesterdays post on New Years Resolutions, I do hope you have made your own, and indeed for those of you that have already began the year with your trivia hosting then I hope all is going well.


As promised, the blog is back in its regular full swinging mode this year and today we are going to look at a different area than we have been and that is starting out. I realised that the blog was heavily focused on people who were already in the trivia industry and who were already established, but did very little to cater for those people looking to host their first ever


How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event – Give Yourself Time, But Not Too Much

This is the question I often get asked. How far in advance should you advertise a new trivia night. My tip would be around 3-4 weeks. This is long enough to make sure plenty of people see it, but not too long that people will forget. It is always good to aim for the first day of the month or suchlike (or the first Monday etc depending on when you run the quiz)

How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event – Social Media

Social Media is the key. 99% of trivia hosts will use exclusively social media to advertise their products and services so you have to put in some time and effort. Make sure the venue has it on their page, make sure its on your page, create an event and invite friends, get it listed on the feeds of local businesses etc and listings site and above all else get a reminder in the day before. Remember if you create an event on facebook and invite people, when they join they are given an automatic reminder so half your work is done for you!

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