How to Make Your DJ Biz Stand Out… – By Staci Nichols

July 18, 2018 by Staci Nichols

I know it’s not very “afterschool special” of me to suggest any of us don’t stand out…buuuuut, (newsflash) what we all do is pretty damn similar. Branding expert and $10,000 wedding photographer Jasmine Star says that anybody can own the same camera she has, use the same editing software, use the same pre-sets and filters, etc. Despite being voted one of the best wedding photographers in the world, it’s not her talent that makes her stand out and demand such a premium price, she says. So what is it?That’s what we’re going to discuss in this two-part article: a little branding, a little copywriting, and a lot of soul searching!

No, don’t be an a-hole. (Although that would certainly be one way to stand out.) By “polite,” I mean safe, I mean plastic, I mean generic, I mean stiff. Holy cow! Do you provide “long-lasting memories”? Have you “raised the bar”? Are you a “fun” DJ? I hate to break it to you: So is everyone else.

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DJ Staci, the Track Star, has been a full-time mobile DJ for 10 years. She has performed internationally, on the Vegas Strip, at festivals, celebrity weddings, and for companies like Lamborghini and Reebok. Staci has spoken at major industry conferences and been featured on DJ News TV, ADJA, webinars, the Wedding MBA podcast, and a BPM Supreme Female DJ Forum. Staci is represented by both Scratch Events and Purim Agency.

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