How To Make Use Of Torrent Sites As A DJ And Why VPNs Can Help

October 8, 2018 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

The Potential Advantages Of A Torrent Tracker

It is common knowledge that most torrent sites are associated with illegal content sharing, which determines entertainment media producing companies and governments to hunt them relentlessly. On the other hand, these can also be viewed as free sharing platforms that can be used for granting fast and convenient access to your artwork to a large group of people (and potentially even for advertising by using samples from your tracks). Indeed, there are examples of torrent services enabling, for instance, sharing of scientific data or other types of bulky data. Additionally, torrent websites can serve as an online place for collaboration between DJs, where they could share primary material needed to assemble or enhance their tracks or to create their mixes. Anyone who have used Google Drive or Dropbox knows that they might be satisfactory for small audiences and small files and you can “advertise” your goods only by directly sharing the links. By contrast, torrent platforms offer the advantage of speed for free unlike many paid file sharing platforms. The torrent website only stores small files with information that directs the download process. Users that download the file from you, can share it in turn with others, all at the maximum download speed allowed by the network (there are no bottlenecks when direct links are established between computers).

If you decide to use torrent platforms, you might only be able to do this using VPNs: they not only secure your web traffic and conceal your identity but help bypass website or content restrictions determined by geography, effectively nullifying all website bans. This article describes the struggle that a typical torrent platform, ExtraTorrent, faced for almost 11 years. Interestingly, after the shutdown of the service, a few other replicas appeared, but just like the original ExtraTorrent website, these replicas are still occasionally suffering from bans in certain countries. The situation is similar with many other torrent trackers.

Choosing An Appropriate VPN Service Provider

To make sure you get what you expect from your VPN provider, you need to choose wisely. Also, this site provides a fairly comprehensive comparison of at least a dozen paid and free VPN services presenting both their advantages and disadvantages. The key criteria of the comparison are:

  • monthly data traffic included,
  • user friendliness,
  • number of devices supported,
  • number of servers worldwide, number of countries hosting these servers,
  • log policy,
  • supported operating systems,
  • possibility to manually choose the server through which to route your traffic,
  • resilience against spam, malware, and viruses,
  • availability of an ad blocking feature,
  • payment methods accepted.

In case you would like to dive even deeper and find out more about VPNs in general as well as to choose one that satisfies a particular concern or need, feel free to check the resource– it might help reveal the multiple areas of online activity where VPNs might prove useful.

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