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December 19, 2018 by Christos Nikas

Hey Mr. DJ,
A huge welcome and thanx for being here. You are amazing.

I love watching my DJ friends posting photos & videos on Facebook and Instagram.
Seeing them succeed, raising the bar and being creative is something that really excites me.

Thing is, there is too much noise out there so what can you do to stand out?

For all of you posting your outstanding work on social media, I have some tips to share.

Who is it for – What is it for – What success looks like?

Every post we do on our business profiles should have 3 things.

1. A specific recipient (Who is it for)
2. A Story (What is it for)
3. A preferred outcome (What success looks like)

When you post something on your business social media accounts…

‣ Who are you speaking to?

‣ What is it this post about?

‣ What is the best outcome you expect from posting this?

‣ Does this post support your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

‣ Does it provide value to your ideal customer?

‣ Does it solve a problem they have?

‣ Does it communicate your message?

‣ Is it related to you, in a direct and easy to understand way?


I could clearly see 3 types of posts that can provide value to your ideal client.


Here are some ideas you could use both during the wedding season and offseason.

It’s about them.

What DJs usually do is that they post to impress their competition talking about themselves rather than trying to provide value to their brides.
They are showcasing their services and not their client interacting with this service.

Every post is a statement. It’s YOU sharing an experience. A truly unique story.
Each post should be YOU talking to your clients about THEM.

To amplify your message and help it go through, you should consider the following

1. Use very few specific Hashtags, relevant to this particular post.
2. Use Geotags. They are very powerful since most brides search by location.
3. Be consistent. Should you choose to post once/twice/multiple times a day, try sticking to that.

To summarize, make your social media posts relevant to your ideal client, add a personal/romantic/fun/beautiful/ impressive touch, stay consistent with your brand and make each one about them.

Thanx for reading.
May the fun be with you

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