How To Impress Potential Wedding DJ Clients

March 6, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Impressing potential wedding DJ clients can mean the difference between being fully booked for months on end, or just working a few days per month. Being viewed as a “resource” by your soon-to-be married couple is a very advantageous position to be in. Much more so, than simply being known as a “basic wedding DJ,” that they have to hire. This is true for both the established wedding DJ business owner, and even more so for someone who is just starting to build their mobile event business.

Here’s how you can really impress your potential clients. Tell them about honeymoon locations that most people either disregarded, or know nothing about. For example, one relatively unknown honeymoon hot spot is Panama. Some are even calling this Central American country “The Caribbean’s New Frontier of Romance.” As with all paradise honeymoon destinations, Panama has plenty of resorts to choose from. There are plenty of 4 and 5 star all-inclusive resorts for them to pick from. But if your clients are dealing with honeymoon budget constraints, they can also choose from a myriad of pay-as-you-go 2, 3 or 4 star hotels.

If white-sand beaches are what your clients are after, Panama has a string of Caribbean islands that are sure to impress them. This means they can sit in the sun, underneath an umbrella and just relax with a cool drink in their hands. Your clients can also enjoy swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving while they are surrounded by crystal clear blue ocean water. For the more adventurous couple, Panama has plenty of jungle tours, retreats and resorts to choose from. The Popa Paradise Beach Resort even offers jungle bungalows. This way, they can almost “live in the jungle,” yet still enjoy modern conveniences such as air conditioning, running water and toilets.

If a honeymoon with some city excitement is what they’re after, Panama City will not disappoint. It’s one of the most modern, and developed cities in Central America. This is because of the Panama Canal, which was built in 1914. This canal is the only international thoroughfare for ships that want to travel to, or from the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. The sheer amount of international shipping and traffic, has made Panama City one of the busiest, and most traveled cities in all of Central America. The food scene there is highly sophisticated, and the night life is busy and plentiful. If late night fun is what your clients are after, there are plenty of nightclubs and bars to choose from. Panama City also hosts PokerStars Championship Panama this month, so entertainment is guaranteed. The nightlife options are almost endless in this high-energy city.

The cost for a Caribbean honeymoon vacation is extremely affordable too. With all of these factors, it’s no great wonder that Panama is quickly becoming one of the top honeymoon resort destinations in the Caribbean. Now all you have to do is show your potential clients how they can save money, while simultaneously enjoying a relaxing or exciting honeymoon somewhere in Panama. This will show them that you are a “wedding resource” that they definitely want to hire now, and also keep around for future gigs!


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