How To Handle Last Minute Changes Part 2

February 12, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Last week we discussed emotions running high and the psychology and preparation that goes into handling last minute changes.  This week we’ll expand on the topic at hand a bit more, and discuss WHAT you need to do.

Knowing that you’ve done your preparation and understand the psychology of the event and how it impacts your clients lives, up next is managing expectations.  You of course want to expect that they will have a great event. The key is to under promise and over deliver in your client’s eyes. Don’t promise them the sun, moon and stars and only deliver the basics.  As Ray Davies of the Kinks said “Give the people what they want.” How do you do that? I would encourage you to go with the flow when they bring up those last minute changes. Inevitably, they will. Don’t be so stuck in your ways that you forget that this is THEIR DAY.   

Don’t have unrealistic expectations of how the event is going to go.  Yes, expect you’ll have a great event but don’t get so hung up on that that you don’t allow or get upset when they have last minute changes.  Go with the flow of the moment. Let’s look at some scenarios of how things can change and what to do.

If a Mother of the Bride wants to change something, as long as the bride is OK with it, go for it.  Now, there becomes another conversation for which one is your client. Obviously you want to make sure everything is OK with the couple that’s chosen to hire you or whoever your client may be. For some, that could be the Mother of the Bride, but never forget that it is the bride and groom’s wedding day.  Personally, I’d still clear it with them as well. I would also encourage you to have that conversation WAY before the day of the event, and decide who is going to be your go-to person there that night. Everyone needs to be on the same page and paragraph on the day of the event, and the time to handle key questions isn’t that evening.  

We’ll continue this article next week covering more scenarios of how a client can spring last minute changes on you and how to handle them.  🙂

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