How To Handle A Bad Review Part 2

November 20, 2018 by Mitch Taylor

how to handle a bad reviewThis week we’re covering specifically what I should have done differently from a bad review I received in the past about an employee.

I should have listened before I spoke. I got one side of the story and did my own research and went off half cocked on the client when I should have just calmly invited them into the office to have a conversation about things in a peaceful way after both parties had calmed down. My team member had her side, the bride and groom had their side of the story, and the truth of it all lied somewhere in the middle. I didn’t give an option for the real truth to come out, and it became a negative in a big way.


Why did I overreact? I think understanding why you react a certain way is important. In this case it was because this was one of the worst reviews we had ever received. In a small town like mine, people talk. We have great reviews and I thought this one could take my whole company down so I passionately defended my team, to a point where it was detrimental to our company.

Perception is reality but perspective shapes your viewpoint.

You may think that that one review is going to kill your stellar reputation but most people will see through one or two negative reviews and understand that no one is perfect. In fact, the opposite is true. Having a bad review makes you human. People want to connect with a REAL person. Just be sure before you respond that you stop, take the time to connect with them as a real person and listen to their concerns to see how you can come to a mutual agreement on the end result of their event and their feelings about it.


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