How to Get More Out of What You Own

August 11, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

My new contribution to the Mobile Beat Blog is a series of article that “Think Outside of the Box”. I’m trying not to write about the usual or what has been written about before. But a new direction of creative thinking!

So, let’s get to the topic How To Get More Out Of What You Own. I’ve Owned JAMM Entertainment Services for over 33 years. What makes me happy is when we can create a new entertainment element using equipment, staffing & resources that we already own. Sometimes a little bit of investment is need in some gadgets but the vast majority of cost is already been done. Here are few of the creative ways we have approached this idea:Jamm82

Using out 60” TV on Truss stands that we normally use for video play back (bride & groom montages) & use them for Gaming Stations. Sell this to Mitzvah clients, corporate Picnics, Festivals.

Turn you projection screens (used for video content) & create a Digital Graffiti Wall. You’ll have to purchase the infrared spray cans & some software to get started but the Wow factor is incredible to your potential clients!

Another use for your projectors is to create a Hash Tag viewing opportunity. Purchase some software that will enable you to grab any photo that is hashtagged with the event’s specific tag & project it onto your screen, wall or side of building!

We can talk about how to effectively create a proposal for theses & other ideas to potential & past clients in an upcoming post.

Till then, Party like a Rock Star!


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