How to get listed at 4 and five star venues (1 of 3)

May 7, 2018 by Terry Lewis

Be unique. 

Be passionate. 

Be the best. 

There is no place for silver or bronze medal holders at the top.

In our new world, the politically correct stance is to say it’s the taking part that counts not the winning.

By reading my posts, I know this stance is not for you. To gain the favour of venues you need to be better than the other suppliers they see in your field of expertise. They can pick from literally hundreds of suppliers who do what you do… hundreds. And those who set their sights on being in the middle of the pack rarely get listed. I’m here to tell you that venue managers wear many hats on the day of a wedding, they ensure the chef is on time with the meal, the venue looks stunning, the bride and groom are well looked after, they oversee the photographer, videographer, florist, entertainment and all other wedding creatives hired by the bride and groom on the day. They are also talent scouts and will seek you out for an invitation to become a preferred supplier, but only if your signature wedding experience moves people emotionally and is beyond compare to the feeling created by other suppliers in your line of expertise. To be chosen to represent a venue, you have to excel, be outstanding, rise above what is expected of someone in your profession.

Here’s what I know about the secret to getting listed at 4 and 5 star wedding venues: It begins with you being honest. Look at the last batch of thank you’s that you received from your clients. If they are generic, short and polite it means you are doing a good job that was appreciated, but therein lies the problem! It means you are OK, maybe slightly above average, but there is headroom for you to become outstanding and you must fill that gap. Your mark of outstanding excellence will be identified to you when you receive emphatic letters of thanks.

I’m here to tell you that when your bride and groom float out of their wedding venue feeling like nothing on earth could have gone better, because of the part you played on the biggest day of their life, that will be the day venue managers begin to ask you to become a preferred supplier; the two go hand in hand. Being OK, or slightly above average rarely triggers an invitation to become a preferred supplier, to become listed you have to be beyond compare.

When your couple push aside the generic thank-you’s they send to every other supplier, and write you a deeply personalised, heartfelt message because of the way you served them, venue managers will have already noticed the magic you created long before your couple’s letter lands on your doormat, or pings into your inbox.

Create deep emotions for your bride and groom and venue managers will feel compelled to choose you as a preferred supplier and this is how you will create a pipeline of qualified leads from luxury venues direct to your inbox for yourself.

In my humble opinion getting listed by premium venue’s in this way is the single most effective marketing activity you can undertake, because by climbing to and remaining at the highest level, and becoming noticed and known for what you do, you’ll be pursued by brides and grooms for as long as you are in business, but the real beauty is couple’s will be seeking you out by email whilst you sleep, holiday, party or work. This is wedding marketing at its best and is known as passive marketing. Step up to the passive marketing level and you will never be out of work.

In my next episode, I’ll share other ways to get listed at 4 and 5 star venues.

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