How to Double Your Website Leads Immediately By Stephanie Padovani

December 30, 2012 by Stephanie and Jeff Padovani

146-081I need more leads so I can book more weddings!” It’s the #1 challenge reported to us by our wedding vendor friends and clients.

This task can be daunting when you think about how many leads you have right now compared to how many more you need to earn the income you really want for your DJ business. It’s just so much work! It can feel like trying to climb Mount Everest and staring up at the mountain that seems to stretch up and up and up—so high you can’t even see the top.

It’s true that it may be a long journey between where you are today and where you really want your wedding business to be. Fortunately, you don’t have to climb the whole
mountain at once. Just put one foot in front of the other and you’ll make the climb bit by bit. In the same way, you can get more leads and book more weddings by taking a series of small actions that let you climb the mountain that is your goal.

There’s a devastating myth that many DJs buy into: If you want to double your profits, you have to do double the work. But that’s simply not true!

A series of 10% improvements to the key measurable aspects of your business will result in 2x the income. That means better results after making only a few minor changes. Now that’s good news, isn’t it?

My husband, Jeff, and I will be revealing small changes that yield big results in each of seven key areas in our upcoming presentation at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2013, “Turbo Charge Your Wedding Business: 7 Simple Changes to Double Your Profits.” Let’s talk about just one of these key areas today: getting more leads from your website.


Your website is often the biggest source of leads that you aren’t taking advantage of. Why would I say that? Think about how many website visitors you have per day. Now compare that to how many website leads you get per day. A typical DJ may have 50 visitors per day, but he’s lucky if even one of them is a website inquiry.

What happened to the rest of them? Statistically, about 50% of your website visitors are not your potential customers; either they are competitors spying on your site or people who aren’t in the market for DJ services at all. Following this example, over 45% or more of your potential website leads vanish never to return.

All those potential leads, all those brides visiting your website, and most of them are NOT calling or emailing you. They leave and most likely never come back again.

But what if you could capture website visitors on that first visit so that you can follow up with them until they’re ready to book?

This one simple change that can double your website leads overnight!

Add a big, prominent call to action at the top of every pageof your website.
Your “call to action” is the action you want the website visitor to take. If you want the bride and groom to contact you, make it easy for them. Your contact button should be unmissable.

When I say add your call to action to every page, I mean every single page. Many of your website visitors don’t land on the home page of your website. They often come in on a blog post or some other page. If they don’t see your call to action immediately, you lose them.

It’s not enough to simply tell the bride or groom to contact you. You must give them a compelling reason to do so. Offer them some type of incentive to take that action, such as a discount, a special offer, or my favorite, a free report filled with irresistible wedding planning ideas and inspiration.

Tell them what to do and give them a good reason to do it, and your website visitors will respond.

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