How to decide what type of ad you want to run

October 24, 2016 by Dave Galloway

This is crucial to your overall success, there are three types of ads that you can run: Need More Likes? message on tablet pc screen held by businessman

Don’t waste time or money here; Awareness and Conversion is not what we are looking for. Jump straight into Conversion to maximize your ad dollars.

You want to choose “Send people to your website” if you are looking to make money on Facebook. Anything else in the DJ industry is helpful, but nothing contributes more to your bottom line than sending people directly to your website to place an inquiry. As you spend more time working with Facebook ads, you may decide that you want to run other ad campaigns, all which will work towards a common goal, but if your current goal is “Customer becomes aware of you  Customer checks you out  Customer contacts you  Custom books you”, then this is where you want to start.

I would imagine you already have a submission form and pertinent information that you’d like your prospects to see, so why waste time sending them somewhere less developed? One consideration – which I cannot stress enough – is that you have to have a significant amount of likes on your page to be taken seriously in this space, and you have to be posting regularly. It will spell immediate death if you have under 500 likes, or your last post was 60 days ago. Prospects will at least check your fan page to determine legitimacy, so remember perception is reality in this arena! So, before you run your ads, hit up your friends, family, past and current clients to like your page (this will also help with your google search results). Choose your campaign name, and you’re off! In the next article we will dive deep into how to choose your audience wisely.

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