How to deal with a dissatisfied customer

September 30, 2016 by DigiGames

We come at your today with an issue I imagine all of you at some point have faced, I hope not, but I know from the experience I have that at some point you will have faced this issue….complaints. As with any business the nature of the way you deal with complaints is vital to the ongoing and repeat success of your business. If you do not handle complaints in the right manner, whether they come from the bar owner or group of your players, then the person who will suffer in the long run I am afraid is your good self.

I have had several complaints over the years when I have been doing trivia, some are more genuine that others, some are just drunken fools angry they didn’t win and some are complaints I have stated I need to better my trivia presentation. Let us have a look in more detail about the kind of things I am talking about that may cause dissatisfaction with your customers, and how you can seek to put it right and handle it in the correct way….

How to deal with a dissatisfied customer – When the trivia question is wrong?

This is going to be something that if you are new you are going to have to get used to. The reality is even TV game shows with all their vast millions of dollars and high-paid writers occasionally have a wrong answer.  How can your quality be above theirs?  There are two ways you may find yourself needing to deal with a complaint when a customer is arguing a question is wrong. One may be the fact that you are wrong and you have made a mistake. The other may be the customer things he is right when he isn’t…

Both complaint styles are very similar in the way you handle them and you have to be firm and consistent. Yes, respect the customers views and be quick to defer the situation by stating that you will speak to them after the to explain and bury the hatchet. But the reality is you cannot have customers challenging every single call you make, as the night will go on forever. Imagine a customer complains on every answer….you will spend the rest of your night on Google.  Not realistic at all!

I always suggest a firm stance…. the answer you have in your trivia software is what counts (or whatever you have on your answer sheet). Apologies, if you are indeed found to be incorrect, for a mistake but don’t be a push over.

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