How to Create an Unforgettable Mobile Beat Experience

February 27, 2018 by Rob Ferre

Utah ADJA Chapter 2009

We are coming upon my favorite time of year when DJs of the world unite in the city of lights and entertainment – Las Vegas. The first time I ever attended this show was in 2009 when I was barely in my third year as a mobile DJ business owner. My good friend Paul Helms, a fellow member of the ADJA in Utah, convinced me to go and told me it would change my life. He was right. My trajectory as a mobile DJ, business owner and entertainer changed the day I stepped foot into Mobile Beat.

In 2009, Mobile Beat was held at the Riviera, which is no longer around, God rest its soul. The first lesson I learned is that it is always best for conference attendees to stay at the conference hotel. Staying on site allows you to be where the action is – having easy access to the conference sessions, expo floor. You can always quickly go back to your room to change your clothes, rest or catch up on work. Plus, staying at the host hotel always helps the conference as a whole because buying into the room block gets you an exclusive rate and credits the conference. Most importantly, networking happens in almost every hallway. At any moment in the lobby or on the casino floor, there are groups of DJs chatting and exchanging ideas. This has always been one of the most valuable aspects for me.

At my first Mobile Beat, I was introduced to important influencers and speakers in the DJ industry. Some of these people went on to become not only my mentors, but also my friends – the likes of Mark Ferrell, Scott Faver, Randy Bartlett, Peter Merry, Rob Peters, and Ron Ruth to name a few. At the end of his kids’ event presentation, Rob Peters said, “If you’d like to pick my brain, buy me a cup of coffee.” I’d have been crazy not to take him up on that offer. The next day I bought him a cup of coffee and took furious notes as I picked his brain. You don’t get that just anywhere, only in the hallways of Mobile Beat. I also introduced myself to Ron Ruth, a fellow Disney fanatic. We talked all about Disney and our connections to the mouse. Our friendship was forged in the hallways at Mobile Beat.

When the wheels started really spinning about the endless opportunities for my future as a mobile DJ was when I attended Mark Ferrell’s presentation at Mobile Beat. I had no idea who this man was, but I remember Bill Herman gave him the most rousing introduction I had ever heard, whereupon Mark was giving a standing ovation before he even spoke. I was in my seat thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Little did I know that day his message about “Getting What You Are Worth” would be a foundation for my business. I would also go on to take his continuing education MarBecca workshops. The lessons and experiences the Ferrell’s shared have transformed my performance as a Master of Ceremonies and have opened the doors to whole new worlds beyond DJing.

In addition to the education and networking that Mobile Beat presented, there was entertainment. I was giddy to see Otis Day and the Nights followed by Vanilla Ice. I made sure to get there early and be in the front row right by the stage. I had a blast watching those performances and maybe also losing my hearing. Ear protection is on my packing list now. Hanging out with my fellow DJs, rocking out to some great entertainers in the music business is the best kind of bonding and always a blast. I look forward to doing it again this year with an encore performance from Vanilla Ice and, additionally, Fatman Scoop.

If you are going to be at Mobile Beat, take advantage of the education, the networking in the hallways and the entertainment they provide. It only comes once a year and this reunion of peers in the DJ industry is something I look forward to every year. I hope to see you there! 

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