How to choose your Facebook target audience

October 31, 2016 by Mobile Beat

The best way to sum up how powerful Facebook advertising has become is a statement I heard a while back; “If you aren’t paying for a product, chances are you are the product”. We are all the product in the Facebook arena, whether we know it or not. Facebook’s total users has now surpassed one billion, I’m confident you can find your future clients here. The best part is how easy Facebook makes all of this, you can set this up in a matter of minutes. need more likes, 3D rendering, blue street sign

Let’s start with a simple Audience for your ad:

Under Ad Set, click Audience

Click Create New

Under Locations click “People who live in this location”

Include (type your city name here)

Age (20-40 works very well for me)

Language (pick your preferred language to communicate in)

Detailed Targeting (click Demographics, Relationships, Relationship Status, Engaged)

You can then dig deeper to “Newly Engaged, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year”) I have found no direct benefit to choosing these specifics

BAM! You’re done.

Now here’s where it gets fun, developing custom audiences. Have you ever noticed how when you visit certain sites, the ads from that site seem to follow you around? Here’s how they do it:

Click “Custom Audiences”

Click “People who visit specific web pages”

Copy and Paste the URL for the wedding page of your website

Choose the amount of days you’d like this apply to (I recommend 60)

Name the audience

Bam! You’re done. Now your ad will follow people who have visited your website in the last 60 days.

An important note about the Facebook pixel; you will need this installed on your page to use Custom Audiences. You can either get your website developer to add this for you, or google how to do yourself. If you use WordPress, it takes about 2 minutes to add.


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