How to Choose the Right DJ For Your Wedding

July 2, 2019 by Mobile Beat

What do you think your guests will remember most when your wedding is over? The first thing most guests say when asked about a wedding is whether they had fun or not. That means the atmosphere of your wedding is what will impact yours and your guests’ memory of your big day. Guess who controls the environment? The DJ!!

Choosing the right DJ can make or break your wedding. Hiring the first DJ available for your wedding is far from the best way to choose the right DJ for your wedding. Once you have the right DJ booked for your wedding, you can really have some fun focusing on other parts of your wedding planning.

Prepare Interview Questions

Hiring a DJ is like hiring someone for any position at any business. You want someone who is qualified and the experience you’re looking for. Would you hire a baker to make your wedding cake if they’ve never made a cake before? Probably not. This means you should come ready with interview questions.

You can interview DJs before you set a date, so you’ll have a list of options to check their availability once you do have a date set. You’ll also want to consider asking these questions:

  • Have you been a DJ at a wedding before? Please describe that experience.
  • How do you prepare for events?
  • What equipment do you have/use? Will you set it up or will someone else?
  • What is your style when DJing?
  • Do you have any lighting equipment you use?
  • How do you dress when DJing?
  • Do you have any liability insurance?
  • What reception games are you familiar with to entertain guests?
  • What is your strategy to liven up a dead reception?

If you have other pieces of your wedding day set in stone, you can ask the DJ if they are available on that particular day before asking any other questions. Also, ask if they have ever worked at your venue so you can gauge their familiarity with the location and layout.

Ask Your Recommendations

If you have married friends, they are the first people you should ask for recommendations. You can even use your friends to expand your network for finding the right DJ for your wedding. Some wedding venues have a preferred vendor list that includes DJs, so you can be confident you’ll be in good hands if your venue is recommending a certain company or individual.

Also, ask about their experience with hiring their DJ. If there were any issues with billing, timing, or other aspects of the service, you should know that ahead of time. For example, if the package was $500 for the night and the final bill was higher with no warning, that could be a red flag.

Read Reviews

Just like with other wedding services, there are likely reviews and testimonials online for a DJ you are considering. You may have to do some digging to find any reviews on one-man-shops. If you can’t find any reviews, that might be a cause for concern.

If someone is an up-and-coming DJ, that is one reason it might be difficult to find reviews about their service. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t schedule an interview, but you should ask them the same questions about you ask any DJ.

In addition to reviews, you can make your own opinion of their work by viewing videos where they are acting as host. Search for videos of your potential DJ on YouTube and other streaming services to see how the crowd reacts to their style, if the party has an atmosphere you’re looking for, and imagine your wedding with this DJ behind the mic. You might even catch them live if they DJ at a local bar or club.

Professionalism and Personality

Picking a DJ is more similar to picking your spouse than you might think. You know the type of atmosphere you want your wedding to have, and you want your DJ to jive with that vibe you’re creating. It’s ok to connect on a personal level when interviewing DJs. They should be offering stories of past gigs to ensure you they can handle your wedding. If you’re laughing, that is a good sign!

A DJ’s professionality is just as important as clicking with them on a personal level. If they skip over payment, additional fees, and setup, insist you discuss these points before making a decision. You’ll also want to get their contact information so you know where they can be reached when you make a final decision and if you want to hire them.

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