How to Book More Corporate Gigs – By Staci Nichols

April 11, 2018 by BradFeingold

I heart corporate gigs! If you aren’t sure why DJing corporate events rocks, let me spell it out real quick:

• Super low-key planning process (typically) and low-drama events.
• Companies generally have “change to throw” (to quote Iggy Azalea)

• They frequently take place mid-week or early in the day

• The photo booth is often an easy up-sell

•  Unless you really screw up, repeat business is very likely

And how great does it look on your resume to say you’ve handled events for companies like LA Fitness, Boost Mobile, New York & Co, the Marriott, San Diego State University, the Marine Corps, and Baskin Robbins? Those are some of the companies I’ve worked for… and I’m perfectly happy “brand associating” with them.


Google “Corporate Event DJ” and related terms for your local area and see what you come up with. In my area, there was pretty much tumbleweeds when I did this search. So my first order of business was writing a keyword-heavy blog post entitled “San Diego Corporate Event DJ.” In the post, I outlined my experience and expertise with the particular nuances of DJing corporate events—from office holiday parties to 3-day-long conferences to 5k races. You can use the blog post to generate leads and show it to corporate event prospects that contact you through other channels.

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