How to Be a Better MC

July 11, 2017 by Joe Bunn

One of the things that I’ve learned and cultivated over years of DJing is how to be a better MC. When I first started out doing gigs as a thirteen year old kid, I don’t even think I would hook up my microphone for most gigs. Even in college, there were so many drunken frat stars wanting to “rap” on the mic, that most times I would just leave it in my bag. It wasn’t until I started doing weddings that I realized how important being a good MC really was. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be on an “All Star MCs” panel at a DJ conference. I want to share my top five tips with you that I spoke about that day.

Ok, it’s not really a weapon, it’s a micro- phone. Having a good microphone is really Step 1 in being a good MC. You don’t have to buy the absolute best thing on the wall at your local Guitar Center, but do some research. Read online reviews, make some posts on DJ forums on Facebook. After that, go to your local music store and see if you can demo some. Whatever you do, I beg you NOT to go cheap. A cheap wireless microphone will burn you every time! It’s either going to cut in and out or feedback like crazy. Trust me on this one!

One of my favorite things to do is repeat the NEW name of the bride and groom over and over again on wedding days. I’ll literally drive my family crazy saying things like, “Hey guys, it’s Chris and Carrie Gentry’s wedding today!” I’ll even see someone in Starbucks and they’ll ask me what I’m doing in a suit and I’ll say, “Oh, just getting ready to head to Chris and Carrie Gentry’s wedding today.” There is nothing worse than calling your couple “the bride and groom.” So lame. (BTW, make sure she is actually changing her last name before implementing this repetition policy into your Saturday routine!)

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