How to Avoid Overkill

August 22, 2017 by Trevor West

Imagine standing next to a jet airplane with the engine running and trying to have a conversation with someone. Now imagine that’s how your clients and their guests feel when your music is too loud.

Now imagine that you have to set up that plane by yourself, run the engines for a 100 people, then tear it all down and pack it away afterwards. If that’s how it feels at the end of the night once you’re done DJing a wedding, then it might be time to rethink your setup.

Think of this scenario, you’re at a wedding and there are two tables three feet from your system. Who is going to complain the most that it’s too loud all night long? And worse, who do they always seem to put at those two tables? That’s right, grandma and grandpa. Don’t you think they’re going to feel that its like sitting next to a jet engine all night long? And yet the rest of the guests cant hear a thing because you had to turn it down because grandma says its too loud or she complained to the bride who asked you to turn it down.

Now imagine putting that jet plane inside a building and people have to walk around it all night long while the engine is running. Get the picture yet? There is a time and a place to bring all your gear to an event…but a wedding shouldn’t necessarily be one of them.


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