How Inclusion Marketing Can Help Your Business

May 18, 2017 by 14stories

inclusive-print-ad-p132Inclusion marketing is the marketing strategy of including images of diverse people side-by-side. In the case of the LGBT community you might see an ad where a same-sex couple is featured right alongside a straight couple as if that is a completely normal situation (which it is).

This is the future of our society and this is the future of marketing. And this is the ideal strategy for attracting same-sex couples to your wedding DJ business (and their engaged straight friends and family who love them).

An example of how you can use inclusion marketing for print advertisement in a wedding magazine is to the left. This ad appeals to not only same-sex couples but also opposite sex couples and simply reflects the diversity of the clientele that this planner works with. In short, everyone is included. You can use something very similar in your DJ business.

This is a very successful marketing strategy for you to consider as you create ads, especially print ads and banner ads for your business. You can also take this approach on your website. Although same-sex couples really are looking for images of other same-sex couples, you don’t necessarily have to have a gay section on your website unless you do that section very very well. Including images of straight and gay couples side-by-side is a perfectly respectful and successful approach in reaching all audiences.

To learn more about booking more same-sex couples in your DJ business, check out our free tip sheet: 5 Things You Can Do Today to Book More LGBT Weddings.

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Bernadette Smith is founder and president of 14 Stories and the Gay Wedding Institute (GWI), and award-winning author of three books, including The Business of Gay Weddings: A Guide for Wedding Professionals. 14 Stories, the nation’s leading same-sex wedding planning company, has produced hundreds of gay and lesbian weddings with couples from around the world. Through the GWI, Bernadette has trained thousands of wedding and hospitality professionals on sales and marketing best practices to same-sex couples. Bernadette’s expertise has been sought after by the Today Show, National Public Radio, the BBC, the New York Times, CNN, among many others.

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