How Game Soundtracks Affect Gambling Behaviours

November 26, 2019 by Mobile Beat

What makes a great game? This is the question that game developers turn over their minds every day – and it is a question not always easy to answer. For example, the developers of Pokémon Go created the game as an April Fool’s joke and were not expecting it to skyrocket to success. The opposite could be said about thousands of games that were made with burning excitement only to flop on the market.

When coming up with their creations, they need to consider all aspects of what makes the gaming experience engaging. One cog in the wheel is the gaming soundtrack. All of the great games and casino games made have a soundtrack that isn’t just enjoyable to listen to, but it matches the action within the game to intensify suspense or create an atmosphere. Browse any title on RoyalVegas Casino and you are bound to discover a carefully considered soundtrack that matches its theme and action.

The music on gambling slots also has another quality; it can even change how the player behaves.

Faster Music Makes for Quicker Betting

One study published in the Journal of Behavioural Addictions has analysed the effect of music has on gambling behaviours. The research tested the 101 students while listening to either fast tempo or slow tempo music and betting on a computerised gambling task.

The results found that faster music results in players betting quicker. The speed of the music appears to have a direct effect on the speed of wagering a bet.

Slower Music Results in More Persistence

The same study also tested the students’ betting behaviors – on the same game – when listening to music with a slower tempo. Interestingly, when students were listing to slower music they did not bet as frequently as when they were listening to faster music, but they were more persistent in their gambling endeavours.

What About Music Inside a Casino?

As well as music playing a role on behaviour within games, it is hard not to attend a casino and not be confronted with music – even when not at the table or a machine. Land-based casinos and online casino both usually play music within the spaces outside of the games. In physical casinos this may be the lobby, restaurant, bar and anywhere around the casino floor. For online casinos, this may be on your account page but may not be as common as in bricks-and-mortar casinos.

The reasons that casinos are constantly playing music is interesting. These places can be loud and boisterous places with jackpot bells and a lot of chatting and celebratory shouts. Playing softer and gentler music can create a more sophisticated atmosphere and help to strike a balance between the loudness on the casino floor. Online casinos may do it to somewhat replicate the original casino experience.

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