How Does Your Website Speak To Wedding Couples?

February 28, 2017 by Brian Lawrence

People turn to the internet for their wedding ideas and inspirations. With the click of a button, wedding couples can save their ideas, share their inspirations, loop in their guests, shop their whims and yes, book their vendors. But there is an overload of information online and wedding couples are bombarded with ideas for palette choices and décor ideas. There are so many different vendors competing for their attention. So your website needs to speak directly to them.


Wedding couples are exposed to professional photography, magazines, blogs, websites, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Bridal Shows; it’s exhausting! Your website will be judged by its aesthetic value and how it compares to what else they’ve already seen.

The design of your website can influence the client in three possible ways:
1. Make them comfortable with considering you
2. Make them insecure about contacting you
3. Make them confident that you’re the right DJ

If your website is consistent with their expectations, they’ll be comfortable. But if your site is crammed with text, has poor navigation and weak imagery, it will be a disappointment and discredit your authority in their eyes.

What makes a website top notch? It’s aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, has tasteful calls to action, great information, and really speaks to the viewer. If this is your website, you’re likely to wow, surprise, and intrigue the prospect. Rather than consider you as an option of comparison, they’ll hope they can afford you and will confidently make an appointment with you, often with an intention to buy.

Are you under the notion that a great website is too expensive? Or is it invaluable and something you can’t afford not to have? Think what it means to set the bar. Think about what it means to not have to compete on price. The right website can help you accomplish that. Every element of your site should be there for a reason.

Also remember that the industry looks at your website too. Designing your site to wow the industry is an important goal as well. You can elevate your status and standing, be a trusted source for referrals (over your competitors), as well as be preferred by those that are an earlier rung on the planning ladder.

Take some time to evaluate your website. Does it properly convey who you are and what you do? Is it clean, easy to navigate, and professional looking? If you answered no, it’s time to give your website a strategic makeover.

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