How Do You Represent Your DJ & Entertainment Company?

January 17, 2017 by Brian Lawrence

Whether you’re a one-man show juggling wedding bookings along with marketing and sales or a big entertainment company that has hired employees to take care of these tasks for you, you need to monitor how you and/or your employees are representing your company.

social-media-1430512_960_720In a perfect world, all of your customers would be treated with utmost kindness and respect and would rate your company positively. But the reality is that many of us tend to forget about the most important things when we get caught up in our daily tasks and projects. Whether it’s an email, phone conversation, or face-to-face meeting, you know the words you will use to engage and win a customer. Owner-operators who do their own posting on social media and converse with and service each customer may feel as if they have everything under control.

But do they really? A number of gatekeepers are speaking for you before you’re able to speak to the customer. Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself to ensure that you’ve created a welcoming atmosphere and a great representation of your company brand and voice.

Have you ever drifted off while listening to someone’s long and boring voicemail? More importantly, is your voicemail passionate, caring, and sincere instead of dry and generic? Whether you’re displaying your sense of humor or your wittiness, adding personalization to your message can make all the difference before someone speaks to you in real time. DJ’s could ask a question like “what’s my favorite song right now?” or say something like “sorry I can’t make it to the phone, I’m busy studying the top dance hits to make sure I warm up the dance floor at your wedding.” You can take your own spin on these ideas, but remember that wedding couples want a fun and lively DJ who will connect with their guests through music. Bring your liveliness to life in a lighthearted voicemail.

Is your website a thing of the past? There are lots of easy (and free) drag and drop templates now that can give your website a professional look. If your website looks like it was created back with AOL Dial Up Internet was a thing, it’s time for a makeover. And does your website explain your company mission and services without overwhelming the visitor? Your website should have great content, personalization, company news and blog, social media accounts, and most importantly, a number of ways (email, phone, skype, social media) for your potential clients to get in touch with you. Link your SoundCloud and give clients a taste of your style. And always include testimonials to give you some rapport.

What’s your business card look like? Is it a generic card created at Staples that could easily get lost in a sea of other similarly shaped business cards? Get creative with your cards. Buy thick-cut cards or if you want to spend a few extra dimes, get custom cards in the shape of a record. Anything that differentiates you from the crowd is a one up. People really do appreciate the attention to detail.

Did you hire a designer to make your sales literature? It’s as easy as paying $5 for professional designs now. Yes, literally five bucks! If you haven’t heard, you can go to and pay anyone five dollars to do just about anything marketing related– including designing brochures, templates, and even your business cards we just talked about revamping. Technology has made it really easy to have a professional look at an affordable price.

How engaged are your salespeople? Do you motivate them to grow your business? And most importantly, how are they interacting with your potential customers? These are all questions you should be asking not only of your salespeople but of all employees in your company. Even if you’re a small company, you can make a huge impact on your employees (and business) by reminding yourself to thank them for their hard work, complement their skill, and give them positive feedback.

Do your vendors actually understand your business or do they just toss your business cards to anyone looking their way? You should ensure that their recommendations resonate with the couple. It’s easy to accomplish this by staying in touch and keeping them in the loop about company news. Just like salespeople, you can greatly impact them by thanking them for their hard work, complementing their skill, and reinforcing them with positive feedback.

Is your social media game weak? If you aren’t monitoring your social media posts, there can be a sea of bad content floating on your profiles. Make sure the person that is posting on your social media is knowledgeable, clever, creative, and most importantly, understands your brand voice. If you aren’t social media savvy yourself, hire a freelancer who only does social media to handle your profiles. Before you let them begin, you should share content ideas, ideal customer, and brand voice with them, as well as give some great ideas and photos to get them started. Social media won’t be at the end of your sales funnel, but it is a great way to find potential customers and get them interested in you. Ask past customers to write a testimonial on your Facebook page and always invite your friends, family, and employees to like your page. The greater presence you have on social media, the better your company look, especially to millennials.

Now that you’re asking yourself some questions, write down some action steps you can take to make sure you’re doing the best you can to represent your company (i.e. Monday, shop around free WordPress themes and create a new website skin, Tuesday, examine my social media profiles and create a strategy to maximize outreach). The larger your company is, the more attention you need to pay to these aspects and the people handling them.

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