How Do You Measure Up In The Industry – Ask The Others

November 10, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

You spend your time & energy talking with new clients making the sale. You depend on your reputation as a professional & referrals to drive potential clients your way.

But what is your reputation? Within the industry? Within the potential clients?

I recently decided to discover the good, the bad & the ugly about our company. I wanted to know how we stack up against the other choices for wedding planners. They are the ones that do or could send qualified brides to you.Measure Up

The plan is to schedule lunch with the top 10 planners in our area & ask them a dozen questions. I send those questions to them ahead of time so they can prepare or add & edit them as they wish. I give them full opportunity to tell us anything. From how are our prices & our service to what do we look like & smell like compared to other entertainment options.

I’ve only met with a couple of planners so far but be on the lookout for our results on this blog in the future!

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