How Do You Become the Expert?

September 22, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

Have you ever gone to buy something & wanted to talk to someone that knows what they are selling? Not just a normal salesperson but someone who really knows the answers! If you can’t find that person you get frustrated but if you do find that person, you feel like you can trust them.

That’s how it is in the entertainment world. When a prospective client comes to you, they want direction & need to know what will make their event a success. You may say – The brides always ask “How much.” That’s all they know to ask. They have never researched, purchased or experienced your service much less the other 2 dozen services that they need for their special day.

Эксперт (expert). Печать и оттиск

Approach each prospective client with the idea of “How can I help you create your idea of a perfect wedding”? With a creative approach you can help guide them through with stories & ideas that show your experience. You DON’T want to tell them how it is done or make them fit into a specific routine!

It is true that 9 times out of 10, brides will end up following a traditional time line, pick some of the same songs that a lot of other brides have chosen & think their ideas are unique. But they are unique to them! You are the only part of the plan that has seen thousands of weddings, heard thousands of First Dance songs. She is only concerned about her day, her song & her agenda.

Using your experiences (not experience only) allows you to become the expert that she is needing.

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