How do I market my business NOW? by Steven Parry

August 4, 2011 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Since the age of the “dot com bomb” we have seen a change in the way marketing is done. From calling people out of the phone book to finding out what cool business owner had a fancy fax line. Then it came down between car phones and email, followed up by if you don’t have a website how do you expect to stay in business. Now the tables have turned again, everyone wants to know “are you on Facebook, please like our page” or “make sure you follow us on Twitter” so the question poses itself. Is your business on these mediums? If so are you doing well? Are you using your time effectively and not planting that crop on your virtual farm? This is a start of a new blog series being hosted by Mobile Beat with Ryan Burger,Justin Williams and myself Steve Parry the owners of a social media management and coaching company called SociallyXcepted. Together with Ryan and his staff, we have develop a program that will help your business move forward with anonline marketing plan. For some business owners this will be a new venture all together and for others this maybe a walk in the park, either way we hope to be able to help you learn and move forward.

In this blog series on social media you will learn how marketing has changed and what you will need to do to make it in today’s business online world. In the process of learning you will also be introduced to tools, techniques, and the new process of marketing and how to successfully market your business online. The overall blog series is a part of a smaller program that will be a video series with downloadable videos that will guide you step by step using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The main program will have an initial package with follow up videos, online books, and updates. Not only will wecover what is important within these site but how to use them effectively with personalities, using the DISC theory and The Five Love Languages. Now you may be asking yourself why would you need those in running a mobile disc jockey business and the answer is everything. Business’s are built on relationships, if you learn how to use them and build them effectively you will be more profitable with more success. Our goal is so that you understand, learn and use them to your advantage.

Using social media has changed the RULES of the game within marketing. The first step starts now. Many of you have been coming to the Mobile Beat Las Vegas show for years, some of you this is your first time. For the young and old this all applies now, for some of you it will be harder to do than others but this is the start. Getting your thinking in the right place is key. Did you read or skim over that last sentence? Here it is again, the first rule is getting your thinking in the right place. As you have been in business for yourself you have come across many different people from clients to vendors to other guest at events. When you go out again and plan another wedding and you ask your bride and groom how the search for the right photographer (florist, cater, ect) is coming and their expression is concern or worry what do you do. Naturally you have the thought of “I know someone” comes to mind. Stop!!!Let’s get on their same page and think like them for a second before we just throw some business cards at them. Ask them what kind of pictures they are looking for, narrow it down. From your experience in this field you know a little bit about your other vendors you have worked with and their style and know someone that is going to be right for them. You then tell them about Jack and his photo company because you have worked with them in the past, you know think that this would be a perfect match. You have a team a select few people that will help the event as a whole move in the right direction, your job at the wedding is not just another gig at a wedding but it is the event of a lifetime for this couple.

You already know this and are asking yourself what does this have to do with social media and using it for my business? Everything, do you see what I did, got you thinking in the place where you would understand it. Now I’m going to say that the “old rules” that you will learn about the next post vs.the “new rules” and how they have changed and how you are going to have to think like the clients to be able to find new and have old ones come back using your online networks. If you get the right thinking, with the right marketing plan, throwing out the old marketing plan (if you actually had one), then you will figure out how to have personal relationships grow not only for business but with family and friends. This series will help you to expand to new levels. So here is the old saying “back to the drawing board” comes into play. Let’s have fun, learn a lot and we will see you on the next post.

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