How DJ’s can maximize Social Media, using appropriate content for the appropriate platforms

October 11, 2016 by Cyndi Lemke

There are so many ways for you to command an online presence, but did you know there were not just a variety of platforms but a style for each one? Let’s begin with the top 5 platforms and look at how you can ensure you deliver the content like a pro!

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  • Facebook: This is the casual, fun and interactive platform to build relationships, establish your presence and set the tone of your business. Let people know all of the services you offer and how you can enhance their event.
  • Twitter: You need to post 5-15 times per day to be relevant on this platform, but that means sharing content and engaging along with your own content. Twitter will offer current trends, influencers prospective and industry leaders. Learn what’s going on in the entertainment, music and wedding industries.
  • Instagram: A picture is always worth a 1000 words but using this platform to show off your expertise is perfect for this platform. Highlight your clients, venues and shout-outs will get you far on this platform.
  • LinkedIn: You are a professional, now utilize this platform to offer Tips, tricks and advice for everything you are the expert on. Use this platform to explain how you can make their event memorable. Build a rapport with your audience so they know to come to you when they need a professional. Let them know you have the experience to make anyone look like a star if they use your service.
  • Snapchat: Offer a fun personal look at what you do. This is a great platform for the behind the scenes, in action and humanization of your business. Show people the set up to show off your equipment, during the event you can get happy clients enjoying the environment you created!!

All of your clients and potential clients need to be able to find you, your service, reviews and photos…you must decide where your audience is and provide content for them. Social Media is a great way to stay ahead of the game by being top of mind. You want them to think of you not just when they need you but when their family and friends need you. Connecting online builds to loyalty and enhances the word of mouth tactic you’ve already been using.

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