Hope, Optimism and Wedding Marketing

January 20, 2009 by Andy Ebon

This evening, I will be presenting a seminar titled: Fast Track Your Marketing in the Current Economy.

Members and guests of Silicon Valley NACE will attend, looking for answers, and strategies for success, in what promises to be a most challenging year.

This morning, newly elected President, Barack Obama, set the tone for all Americans. That tone is filled with hope and optimism. He also has been doing his best to shape realistic expectations.

Renewed times of prosperity will not magically appear. They will re-emerge, based on the smart thinking and hard work of each one of us.

Hope and optimism are important. The grease-the-wheels of hard work.

But I ask you to think of this day, this year, this time, as you did when you started your business or began a new job. As difficult as things may be, bring back that same enthusiasm, vigor, and hustle to prosper once again.

Not just survive, but flourish. If each of us does that, how can we do anything but find renewed success.

Andy Ebon
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