Homework Pt.1

February 5, 2018 by Mike Wieder

As a child I always dreaded homework.  So, when the time comes for homework I understand the pleasure my teachers derived from handing out the assignments.  The answers to the homework that I disperse aren’t found in a book, they are actually found by asking questions.  If you take the time to ask the questions and assign the homework, the event itself will run a lot smoother.  The things that are taken for granted are usually the ones that require the most research.

The moment has arrived, the newly married couple are introduced into the room and invited to share their first dance.  As the two of them take center stage with all eyes fixated upon them, they embark on a what should be a beautiful moment.  Within a minute or so that beautiful moment can potentially become an awkward moment.  It starts out beautifully with the couple staring into each others eyes and expressing their love for each other, and soon devolves into staring at the light fixtures, looking around the room and hoping the song will be ending soon.  Why?  The simple answer is the majority of first dances aren’t danced to until the wedding day.  Here’s where homework comes in.  Suggest to your couples that they dance to their song at least once prior to the big day.  This will give them a sense of timing and audio cues and more importantly they get to spend some much needed quality time together.  This would also help them decide if they want to dance the whole song or invite the bridal party/guests to join.

It’s that moment that’s been dreamed of for a lifetime.  The toast giver has practiced over and over the words that’ll be able to deliver the guests on a journey of emotions.  As the MC you capture the attention of the guests and call on the toast giver.  You now have a knot begin to form in the pit of your stomach.  You’ve announced the toast giver, be they’re not there. You’ve done everything right except for double checking that the toast giver is at their table or better yet in the room.  I’m sure you gave them the two minute warning, which for them means; grab another drink or hit the restroom.  Homework for this works both ways, the couples are asked to provide the table number(s) of any important guests (parents, toast givers, blessing providers) so you can easily spot them to avoid those possible awkward  moments.  Because we do so many events and after awhile it seems like every reception is filled with crowds where the names have changed, but everyone looks alike.  The only one you can easily pick out is the couple.    The homework I give myself is to take pictures of the bridal party members so I have a photo reference as well as seat numbers.  This comes in handy when people change their order during intros or move around during the event and you man need them.

We’re done with the formalities, the energy level is building you tell the couple that you’re ready to open the dance floor with them as your catalysts.  You then hear those words… I need to bustle.  Here we go, your bride and what seems like a team of 20 head out to the hallway or bridal suite.  Five, ten, fifteen minutes drag on for what seems like hours, you head out to see what’s going on only to find a huddle of clueless bridesmaids trying to bustle the gown.  It seems the only one who knew how, was already trashed.  Homework for this is simple, ask the bride to have someone video tape her gown being bustled and send it to you in advance.  I can’t tell you how many wedding gowns i’ve been under in order to bustle a bride and get her back to the party as quick as possible.

More homework coming soon.






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