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October 28, 2015 by DigiGames

“Keep the crowd entertained with a high paced, high energy and high quality trivia HIGH-energyshow and watch the profits roll in”

Well, it is good to see the blog has returned to strength this week and long may it continue. I hope this weeks array of posts on all matters trivia have been useful and interesting to you and with the blog back on form there is plenty more to come on going. Today we are going to move a little bit away from the kind of posts we have been doing during the week and take a look at another kind of trivia show altogether, the high energy show.


Now let us make something clear here. We are not talking about a mass participation standard run of the mill pub trivia event here….oh no….instead we are talking about a one off show where maybe only 3-4 people take part and everyone else is an audience members. Does this work I hear you ask? Why not get everyone involved I hear you please? Well its quite simple….millions and millions of people watch TV quiz shows such as Jeopardy, The Chase, Who Wants to be  Millionaire but they don’t go to trivia nights. In actual fact, the market for people who actually play trivia in real life is merely a fraction of the TV audiences some of these shows get. So why not target these people? Get these people into bars and venues to watch live trivia taking place.

High Energy Trivia Shows – Professionalism and Class

The first thing you have to consider if you are going to go down this route is whether or not you have the tools and finances to start it off. You can easily buy several quality and professional systems from DigiGames with the lights, microphones and all the backing you need. But the thing is you cannot, and I repeat this again, you cannot go into this with a half baked approach. If you are going to have a high energy trivia show going then you need reliable, quality and plentiful resources to do it. You are trying to get people not only to play but also to watch the product you are putting together and thus you really need to focus on presentation ranging from the backdrop to the lights to the booths or screens you use. Every little thing has to be every little bit right without question.

Read about the rest of the ideas from DigiGames on how to keep trivia shows high energy by clicking here – http://wireless-buzzers-quiz-buzzer-trivia-games.com/high-energy-trivia-shows/

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