Hi, I’m selling DJ, interested?

April 22, 2016 by Michael Cordeiro

Taffer mobile beat 2 Like most of you I am always looking for new ways to advertise my business and attract new clients. I am also very conscious about how and where I spend those dollars. It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck, right? Websites, direct mail, bridal shows, expos, charity events, lead lists, social media, billboards, etc. We tend to throw money at the wall and see what sticks. Why is that? The truth is we are not marketing experts. We tend to follow the pack and do what everyone else is doing. The result is usually a low ROI (return on investment) and frustration.
Before launching any advertising campaign you have to do two things; define your business and your client. Ask yourself these questions: 1.What am I selling? 2. Who do I want to buy it? If you answered “I’m selling DJ” to the first question, what exactly does that mean? At MBLV 20 John Taffer summed up what we do brilliantly. He stated that what we are selling is the “reaction”. Everything we do at an event should lead to a reaction that creates a positive response and memory for the client and guests. That equals referrals. Your advertising message should inspire prospective clients to call and book.
To figure out which type of advertising is going to be best for you start by listing the top three types of events your company does best. Answer these questions.
1. Where are these events usually held?
2. What magazines, websites or shows cater to these events?
3. What time of year do most of these events occur?
4. How far in advance do people usually book these events?
5. How many other companies in my area also do these events?
Once you have established a baseline it is easy to specifically target a certain client, craft your message and make your advertising dollars much more effective. Establishing a baseline also helps you determine the viability of pursuing a certain type of event. Let’s take school dances. If there are 100 school dance DJs in your area and only 10 schools, how much money and resources will it take to secure those gigs? How many of those dances will it take to recoup your investment? You may just decide to focus your resources on other events or become the school dance king.
There are many factors that go into creating an effective advertising campaign. Knowing who you are as a company and who your ideal clients are is the first step. Timing is key as well. Would you advertise for Corporate Holiday parties in February or September? Before investing any of your hard earned money, research the platform and ask for hard data. Educate yourself by reading books like Guerilla Advertising by Jay Conrad Levinson and Personalities for Business by Vicki Musni. Join some forums and ask other professionals in our industry for advice.
I want to leave you with this commercial. It is very funny and definitely memorable, but, what does it say about this company? Would you buy his product? Does it send a clear message to prospective clients about who he is and what he does? Pay attention to the contact info at the end. You decide and let me know.

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