Headphones and Other Tokens of Love By: Ryan Burger

September 16, 2013 by Aaron Burger

You have just finished a great season with your DJ service staff, doing a blitz of school dances and a ton of weddings, plus a few photo booths events, a city festival or two and the company has pulled off one of its biggest months ever.

You have all the bills paid up and are ahead on a couple payments, you have enjoyed a bit of the profits yourself and now it’s time to spread the “Love.” This is what BC Productions recently experienced and we decided it was time to do more of the spreading of the Love with our DJs.



1) V-Moda has made a push into the DJ industry recently and we decided to get our DJs BCP branded headphones. Each set cost around $250 so it was a $2,000 investment for BC in our DJs but with them only having them a week so far, the vibe has been great.

From DJ Brad D – “These are some of the best sounding head phones that I have ever heard. Crisp highs, punchy lows and awesome voice intelligibility. Solid metal construction with a hard storage case, these headphones are built to stand the unforgiving abuse that a DJ will put them through. A+ in my book. I absolutely love them.”

From my business partner Jake Feldman – “Because our DJs are part-time mostly, we often don’t have a lot of opportunities to show appreciation for all they do for us. The V-Moda Crossfade LPs were a great way to show appreciation and make sure our crew are outfitted with the best gear possible for the job.”

2) Minor League Baseball – The other thing we did this season dropped right in on us as a very affordable way to take all our staff out and have something non-DJ related together. The Iowa Cubs are the triple A team for the Chicago Cubs are based right here in Des Moines and through the Grimes Chamber of Commerce we were able to get tickets to the game, a pre-game meal and drink all for $3 a person. We ended up with 20+ tickets so the cost of the event was under a $100 total (including a couple extra drinks and snacks + parking) and we were able to involve their families in a great day of minor league baseball.

These are the types of things that we want to be doing more of for our company’s and their families whenever possible. If you have any additional ideas please feel free to email me at rb@mobilebeat.com and we can talk about them in a future article in Mobile Beat.



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