Have Fun While Working for Yourself and Your Family

December 8, 2016 by DigiGames

Iam writing this article from the Carnival Conquest. My wife and I sail today for the next eight 175-10-11days. I have had a lot of conversations with my friends who have “real jobs” lately about holiday travel, vacation, days off, kids off from school, and all of the FUN things associated with the next few months. There is a common theme: Many of my friends are stressed out. They don’t have enough time off. They can’t visit all their family. They don’t have anyone to watch their kids during break. They don’t have enough money for the extra things that come with the holidays. No bonus this year and times are tough. You get the point.

As we boarded the cruise ship today my wife said, “We sure are lucky.” I quickly reminded her that “it isn’t luck.” She was a bit taken aback and asked what I meant. I told her we have provided our own “luck.” We took the chance 16 years ago to go into business for ourselves. WE took the risk. We made the investment in ourselves. We get to enjoy the benefits of that hard work.

Working as entertainers is FUN! Being self-employed is FUN! We get paid to have FUN! I set my own hours. If I want to work really hard I will likely make a lot more money. If I want to take a couple of weeks off in the summer and motorhome around with my family, I will make less money but I will still have FUN! How many people do you know who have fun at their jobs? I don’t think most people do. I don’t have any idea how they do it. I can’t imagine punching a clock and working hard all day to make someone else lots of money. That doesn’t sound fun to me. I didn’t say nobody has fun,Isaid…Idon’tthink MOST people do. I am sure you do—and that is awesome.

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